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Are you thinking of learning kinesiology?

One way of approaching your learning kinesiology is to meet the standards of 1 of the 2 Kinesiology boards (AIK or AKA) be recognised by health funds to give rebates.

This method involves:

• Undertaking recognised courses through an official Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

• Training will include extensive studies in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, counselling and practice management. (The Institutes AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiology) or the AKA - Australian Kinesiology Association deems this as the minimum requirement necessary for health care providers working with human bodies.

• Meeting a minimum standard of 500 face-to-face hours in Kinesiology training.

• Ongoing education and expense. Through the requirement of Continuing Professional Education (20 points), each year. Registered Professional Members and levels above are obliged to train further in areas of kinesiology related courses / kinesiology conferences / becoming an author or being involved in a qualifying research program.

When considering this approach it is important to know that:

• This way will cost between $20,000-$40,000 initially and will then cost $4,000 on average per year to stay accredited

• Only a minimal amount of health funds in Australia give kinesiology rebates and they give a very minimal refund

• Government regulations are constantly changing. This means that maintaining your qualifications is expensive and requires extensive on-going study. Health Rebate conditions are constantly changing and upgrading, so it is important that you stay informed.

If you have the dedication, time and money to do this then congratulations! Go for it, you have found your calling... but ...

There is another way of Learning Kinesiology with our Brisbane Kinesiology Courses!

Brisbane Kinesiology Courses

If you are considering becoming a kinesiology practitioner to assist yourself, family and friends as well as to receive an income from clients straight away you could become qualified through my course at Bayside Kinesiology Brisbane. How does my HOW TO Kinesiology course differ?

My courses are:

• Short and focused (starting from a 1 day course to an advanced course of 5 days)

• Based on my stream-lined, in-depth and focused modality. It has 1 consistent protocol to follow

• Easy to learn, gentle in approach, massive in outcomes

• Usable from the first day of learning

• Straight forward for people who are new to kinesiology, while also

• The perfect adjunct to therapists who already specialise in other modalities, but would like to add kinesiology to their tool kit

• Popular even with those students who have attended the longer, more expensive courses. I get students from other schools because they can’t put it all together, even after spending so much money

• Range in price from $100 - $2,750

Do you need extra reasons to train through Bayside Kinesiology's Brisbane Kinesiology Courses? Here are a few more:

• My courses are accredited with International Institute of Complimentary Therapies.

• I have over 20 years of kinesiology experience and have been teaching since 1995 years as a trainer

• I am grounded, approachable, family-orientated and here for you

• I don’t hide my knowledge. I want you to have it all yesterday. I specialise in educating you in how to tap into your spiritual self and to follow your intuition

• You are not required to do updates to stay accredited

• To repeat a course is only 1/3 of the initial course cost (and you can repeat as many times as you like)

• My modality is based on using simple holistic questions to assess the source of the issue being addressed (beginning with determining if is connected to a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or nutritional aspect)

• The modality incorporates correction strategy formula that are simple to implement (even your kids can follow them!)

• I have kinesiologists with more than 20 years experience tell me that all they use now is my work books

To make things even easier for you:

• I will sell the workbooks without you having to do the courses (Although doing a workshop will allow you to gain more knowledge and experience during course work)

• My manuals are available as hard cover or Epub versions from amazon if you want to be mobile

• HOW TO: Kinesiology? doesn’t require you to have a clinic or even a massage table, it can be done in the park, at the shops or in your lounge room

• The course workbooks are affordable, clear, concise and easy to understand for any level of experience

• My biggest course is done over 5 days consecutively so you don’t lose momentum

Whether you book in for a one-on-one appointment or to learn kinesiology with me in one of my Brisbane kinesiology courses I can guarantee it will be a positive, rewarding experience. I look forward to welcoming you into learning HOW TO: Kinesiology? education center

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