It's funny how a seemingly very insignificant event in your life can become a life changing experience. That event for me was the day I was given Ranee's details. 18 months ago I took my then 18 month old son to Ranee as he was still waking up 4 times a night, from that day forward he slept peacefully through the night.

Since then, between us, my son and I have had a number of extraordinary healings with Ranee however, we have not seen her face to face for a healing since our first session. When an issue arises for us, no matter what form it takes, I simply ring Ranee or email her my questions and she performs a distant healing. Without us being in her presence she is able to work on our issues and allows the most profound healings to take place on all levels. This is not imagination or wishful thinking on my part, I have literally witnessed stubborn rashes disappear from my sons body after a distant healing. Ranee gives me constant validation about the authenticity of this process, she is able to tell me things that only I would know (that I thought were my secrets!) & she is even able to tell me things for my highest good about people and situations I have never mentioned to her before & she is alarmingly accurate.

Although I have come to expect these remarkable healings I find myself still amazed and in awe of the results and it's simplicity. It is so easy, convenient, powerful and non intrusive in anyway.

Since we began our distant healings our health, emotional well being, spiritual development and quality of life have improved dramatically. I still have to pinch myself that I have discovered Ranee and this amazing healing tool, I feel like I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

With love and gratitude

Bayside Kinesiology


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