After experiencing remarkable results with Kinergetics, I decided I wanted to pursue the path further. I found the Kinergetics course at Bayside Kinesiology to be supportive, thorough, and heaps of fun! Ranee's relaxed and friendly manner makes it a pleasure to learn. I now have a few of my own clients who are enjoying the benefits of my recent skills. I highly recommend this course for both the beginner and the professional.
Shelly Fairchild
Natural Therapist

I loved the teaching style - friendly, relaxed casual, supportive and very well explained. I noticed changes in my relationship with my flat mate immediately after working on it. Can think of heaps of friends and family who would benefit. I also intend to use it when working with animals.
Nerelle Scott
Vet Nurse

Since being introduced to Kinesiology by a friend a year ago, I have made leaps forward in my personal growth and am fast on the way to achieving Consultant level. I am passionate about Kinergetics' immense scope for healing on many levels and dimensions, it is exciting to work with – I have often experienced the WOW factor. The teaching at Bayside Kinesiology is very supportive and thorough. I have now incorporated Kinergetics into my professional therapies.
(Natural Therapist)

I have repeated a Kinergetics intensive course with Ranee and found it to be very helpful for my sinuses. Kinergetics is extensive, interesting, rewarding and helpful to my health and spiritual path. Coming from a religious background I found it answered a lot of personal questions for me. I can't speak highly enough of Kinergetics, it has put me ones step closer to knowing where I'm going on my spiritual journey. Thank-you Ranee for teaching me in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I feel comfortable to use Kinergetics on anyone who asks for a healing. I'm sure I will keep in touch with the new friends I have met through Bayside Kinesiology.
Sue C

I LOVE coming to Kinergetics workshops. I get so much out of them. Ranee is a great teacher. She is patient and understanding and gives me room to develop my individuality as a healer. My body ALWAYS feels so much more relaxed after a workshop too. I am ready to "flick the ON switch" to my Kinergetics business.

Donna Anderson.
Natural Equine Therapist

Bayside Kinesiology


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