I have loved my Kinergetics journey. I've studied other modalities since, but never have I found a more intensive or exceptional course as Kinergetics, nor an instructor who makes it all so much easier to digest. Ranee found the "Key" to locking in my learning pattern within the first day, and she made an amazingly intensive course a cinch! I was dedicated from the beginning and made it clear I would stop at nothing to achieve my dreams.

Ranee equaled my commitment, and gave as much extra support to me as I gave to my studies - and some. A week after I finished the initial course I had my first kinesiology client – and I haven't looked back since... A little over a year later & I now have a thriving practice specializing in People & Animals. With the help of my web designer, (Kym Latter) I have recently just gone global – providing remote balances online. This area of my business has really taken off!! My first global client was from Zurich, and he was just thrilled to have found my services!!! I could never have taken my skills to this level without Ranee & Bayside Kinesiology.


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