"The master class with Philip Rafferty was amazing. Learnt that fixing traumas can accelerate the healing process. the TMJ work yielded impressive results. It was fascinating to learn from the creator of Kinergetics. Suddenly alot of things began to make sense. I highly recommend that students of Kinergetics do periodic master updates.

Ranee and Bill were perfect hosts. Food was wholesomely healthy that Rannee used her incredible Thermomix to prepare.

As i had come from HK with 2 other friends, we did not know what to expect. the experience was fabulous and it exceeded my expectations

Well done Philip and Ranee"

Chan Cudennec
Wellness centre owner and corporate wellness consultant

"Coming from Hong Kong to kinergetics course in Brisbane, how do I describe? Study? therapy? or holiday? The moment we arrived at the house of Ranee (who host the masterclass) I felt relaxed. The house is in the most stunning environment, horses, dogs, birds giving me a concert, the food was organic, lovely. We even got some great cooking tips. The wine divine but most of all the hostess was lovely!

The masterclass course simply perfect!

Learned a lot, enjoying all the treatments and never slept so well in my life, study? holiday? or therapy?"

Annemiek Burger (50 year old)
Dutch living in Hong Kong.

"This lecture and course has been the center of my professional masterclass and I had come all the way from Hong Kong (I am originally from Germany) to join theses sessions for three days.

Ranee had offered me and my 2 Hong Kong partners to stay in the house.

Instantly after arriving all senses were switched on, the nature, animals, spirits, sunny energy and the warm welcome made me immediately feel "touch Down"
Ranee's knowledge of food, energetic work, family living and housing "Strangers" is phenomenal and I was impressed how easy she could handle everything.

The lovely dogs and horses just give this picture an almost perfect world. I enjoyed my walks around this peaceful area! These days will be always memorized and go far beyond other experiences even though I have travelled the world already."

A BIG THANK YOU, lots of love Ute. Warmest wishes

"Thank you for providing such a lovely venue for the course on the weekend. I enjoyed the two days and have started to put some of the new balances into practice." Sandra

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