Kate wrote: "A huge thank you to Ranee-Bayside Kinesiology and her wonderful family and farmland for absolutely spoiling me with such an abundance of healing and nutritional wisdom for the last 10 days. This felt like a lifetime of knowledge. And to the luscious ladies who shared, laughed and grew with me...you know who you are!?! Feeling blessed xx"

Kimberley wrote: "Home time after one of the most beautiful & incredible learning experiences... So grateful to Ranee-Bayside Kinesiology for her nurturing & patient Kinergetics teachings & amazing hospitality-thank you for sharing this with me & the rest of us! Gym, yoga & the best organic food-complete package!! I learnt so much more than just Kinergetics:). To my sisters Dani Andersen & Kate Crozier, this time would not have been what it was without you both-so much fun & laughter & good times-my heart is full of love & so much more for you both ♥. To Kristy Browse, Michelle Beck & Rebecca Lee, sharing class with you all was a pleasure & so much fun! Thank you for teaching me too & being who you are xxxx"

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