"I have done the allergy testing course with Ranee in recent months and found it very informative and easy to understand. The course is taught in a small group environment, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and I found Ranee extremely helpful. After finishing the course, I felt confident enough to come home and practice what I had learnt on family and friends. The great thing about the Allergy Testing Course is that once you have done it, you can go back and do a refresher course for only 20% of the original price. I will be doing the refresher course soon, to clarify what I have already learnt and to pick up on anything I may have missed the first time around.

This course also gave me insight as to whether or not I would like to do more courses with Ranee in the future. I found the Allergy Testing Course so easy and fun that I am going to do the Kinergetics Course with Ranee this year and completed the Jaw Reset Course in January.

I would recommend everyone give it a go- not only is it fun but you learn new skills along the way."

Cheers Katie

"When Ranee allergy tested me, she found out I was allergic to a few different foods but my main allergy was wheat. Now that I don't eat wheat, I am less anxious and grumpy and I have more energy. I reckon everyone should go to Ranee and be allergy tested."

from Taylor

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