I was seeking new opportunities for a career where I could expand and grow personally, whilst also incorporating my previous job skills of working with children and families.
I completed the 10 day intensive Kinergetics course with Ranee and have enabled myself this opportunity.

Completing units 1-5 in the continued workshop gave more understanding, effectiveness, confidence and assimilation of all the knowledge and understanding I had gained. I feel ready to use these new skills immediately as studying the entire workshop increased my competency with Kinergetics work.

Kinergetics in itself, has opened many more doors than I had imagined – not only welcoming more work choices, but enhancing personal aspects of my life and reinforcing the power of alternative remedies and therapies.

Ranee is inspirational! A true mentor!! To watch her work and study with her was rewarding, informative and fun. She is dedicated to Kinesiology and to the success of her students.
Thankyou for changing my life, Ranee.

Paulette Holden

My 14-year-old contested for state championship in swimming and achieved five personal bests in all five events he swam. This was an amazing effort and we have to agree that the sports kinesiology done by Bill at Bayside Kinesiology made a huge difference. The increased range of flexibility and improvement in his breathing after the diaphragm was released was remarkable. Many thanks for the corrections made to my son and the caring support in kind words.
Peta T


I highly recommend the 10 day intensive Kinergetics course. As someone who is just about to complete a Cert IV in Kinesiology, Kinergetics is a fabulous modality to add to my tool box and maybe possibly highly likely take over the other stuff I've learnt!

Ranee was great, fun, and has a very down to earth style of teaching. I found it very easy to pick up and it's all so interesting - I'm so glad I did the 10 day rather than doing unit 1, I wouldn't have been able to wait for the next one. It all flows so seamlessly.

The venue is great ... was really relaxing to learn there. Smaller class size means great attention and lots of balances done on yourself! I'll definitely be using it and recommending it to all my other student friends.

Julie Ellson
0412 560 265


Ranee's courses are fantastic! I have been fortunate to participate in the Kinergetics Platinum course and the Jaw R.E.S.E.T class and can highly recommend both. The style of teaching that Ranee adopts for her classes is extremely focussed and intense whilst providing you with all the tools you need to become truly competent and confident and can be used straight away. By the end of your first day of Unit 1 you will already have skills you can use with your family and friends. Delivery, although truly achievement focussed, is done so in a comfortable, welcoming and nurturing environment, and in the end you will find that you have learnt all the skills you came to the course for but also gain a shared connection with several people, who like yourself, are striving to serve others in an effective and meaningful way. The fact that you finish the course with a complete energy balance and make-over from all the work you have done, and feeling a profound sense of belonging and peace, is the icing on the cake.

I couldn't think of a more ideal setting to experience 10 days of understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of Kinergetics. Ranee and Bills 'venue' provides a peaceful environment amid natural fauna/flora (& space) – fabulous to chill out between sessions to relax the mind and walk off the awesome morning teas that Ranee provides.
The course content is outlined succinctly in easy to follow manuals and charts.

Ranee's intuitive supportive and relaxed style of instruction allowed me to 'grow' in knowledge and skill with each successive day. (Learning was fun!) rather than the stop / start interruptions of weekend workshops I found that after the 10 days I can honestly and confidently say "I get it!" its also a great way to feel in tune and balanced within my body. Highly recommend this course.

Thank you Ranee!

Bayside Kinesiology


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