After experiencing remarkable results with Kinergetics, I decided I wanted to pursue the path further. I found the Kinergetics course at Bayside Kinesiology to be supportive, thorough, and heaps of fun! Ranee's relaxed and friendly manner makes it a pleasure to learn. I now have a few of my own clients who are enjoying the benefits of my recent skills. I highly recommend this course for both the beginner and the professional.
Shelly Fairchild
Natural Therapist

I loved the teaching style - friendly, relaxed casual, supportive and very well explained. I noticed changes in my relationship with my flat mate immediately after working on it. Can think of heaps of friends and family who would benefit. I also intend to use it when working with animals.
Nerelle Scott
Vet Nurse

Since being introduced to Kinesiology by a friend a year ago, I have made leaps forward in my personal growth and am fast on the way to achieving Consultant level. I am passionate about Kinergetics' immense scope for healing on many levels and dimensions, it is exciting to work with – I have often experienced the WOW factor. The teaching at Bayside Kinesiology is very supportive and thorough. I have now incorporated Kinergetics into my professional therapies.
(Natural Therapist)

I have repeated a Kinergetics intensive course with Ranee and found it to be very helpful for my sinuses. Kinergetics is extensive, interesting, rewarding and helpful to my health and spiritual path. Coming from a religious background I found it answered a lot of personal questions for me. I can't speak highly enough of Kinergetics, it has put me ones step closer to knowing where I'm going on my spiritual journey. Thank-you Ranee for teaching me in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I feel comfortable to use Kinergetics on anyone who asks for a healing. I'm sure I will keep in touch with the new friends I have met through Bayside Kinesiology.
Sue C

I LOVE coming to Kinergetics workshops. I get so much out of them. Ranee is a great teacher. She is patient and understanding and gives me room to develop my individuality as a healer. My body ALWAYS feels so much more relaxed after a workshop too. I am ready to "flick the ON switch" to my Kinergetics business.

Donna Anderson.
Natural Equine Therapist

It's funny how a seemingly very insignificant event in your life can become a life changing experience. That event for me was the day I was given Ranee's details. 18 months ago I took my then 18 month old son to Ranee as he was still waking up 4 times a night, from that day forward he slept peacefully through the night.

Since then, between us, my son and I have had a number of extraordinary healings with Ranee however, we have not seen her face to face for a healing since our first session. When an issue arises for us, no matter what form it takes, I simply ring Ranee or email her my questions and she performs a distant healing. Without us being in her presence she is able to work on our issues and allows the most profound healings to take place on all levels. This is not imagination or wishful thinking on my part, I have literally witnessed stubborn rashes disappear from my sons body after a distant healing. Ranee gives me constant validation about the authenticity of this process, she is able to tell me things that only I would know (that I thought were my secrets!) & she is even able to tell me things for my highest good about people and situations I have never mentioned to her before & she is alarmingly accurate.

Although I have come to expect these remarkable healings I find myself still amazed and in awe of the results and it's simplicity. It is so easy, convenient, powerful and non intrusive in anyway.

Since we began our distant healings our health, emotional well being, spiritual development and quality of life have improved dramatically. I still have to pinch myself that I have discovered Ranee and this amazing healing tool, I feel like I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

With love and gratitude

Dear Ranee

Can you say how fortunate I have been to have found you many years ago for me to have all the massages and Kinesiology treatments that have helped me become the person I am today.

To top it off for you to be able to teach me Kinergetics so I have now become a professional Kinesiologist and am loving my new profession.

The reason why I love it so much is that you have demonstrated to me over many years your love for your work and the amazing results that are obtained.

When you teach you teach from wisdom, knowledge and it all comes through you with such enthusiasm that you have made my goal to be like you.

Every lesson was different and you have the ability to bring a class together in most amazing ways.

To top all of that off to be able to learn on the acreage setting you have created with the horses, dogs, birds and other wild life allowed the energy of nature to engulf us.

My mission every time I come to Brisbane from Papua New Guinea is to tap into something you are teaching because you are the "best teacher" you have "the best setting" and I just love learning.

Thank you for the new life you have given me.

Barbara x

  • Thank you for all that you did to make the April 2014 10 day intensive Kinergetics Courses – the units 1 thru 5 experiences - a memorable one. What an amazing time! I had no doubts that you would be fantastic on the subject matter – and you certainly lived up to that - but I was also hugely impressed with your enthusiasm, energy and love you clearly hold for the work. It's infectious! So for me the take-away was way more than just the educational component. And it looked like the other attendees were equally impressed too.
  • Topping it all off was the beautiful setting for the classes, the pool, the spa, the FOOD (yum) and the teamwork to make it all happen with perfection - and executed flawlessly. I was very appreciative of the warm welcome – nothing was too much to ask! 'Thank you for making me (us all) feel so good - literally!'
    - Lorinda Panton, Natural Medicine Centre, Director & Clinician


Ranee is grounded, highly experienced, and thorough with her training. She also made me feel comfortable as I worked out how different aspects of this energy work fit together with my views of the world (I am a Christian).

And if you're happy with it being longer, please add:

The course is engaging, challenging and fun. Just prepare to have your brain stretched! I am going to do the intensive course again.

Hi Philip

Thank you for developing Kinergetics, it is exactly what I've been looking for for the last few years.

I really enjoyed working with Ranee as she is reality-based / grounded, yet obviously very intuitive and experienced in energy work.

She could handle my torrent of questions (I like to really understand things) and made me feel comfortable as I worked out how everything fit together with my views of the world (I am a Christian).

While it would be good to have the experience of other teachers, I have decided that I would like to repeat with Ranee as she has a common-sense 'thorough' approach that can be hard to find.

She was also a pleasure to be around and she handled a very challenging situation with wisdom, which occurred over several days with one of the other students. I was quite impressed.

Please wish my husband stamina as I practice everything on him while we travel the next 6 months

Kind regards,


Bayside Kinesiology


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