For The Determined Only!

Journey into your own self-discovery through preventative medicine over the next 12 months
Are your dreams equaling your actions?
If you could wish for anything what would it be?
I have designed a new program that will allow me to month-by-month work on specific areas of your life over the next 12 months.
This program is designed to capture the entire anatomy of your physical body, as well as the mental and emotional bodies, etheric bodies, meridians, chakras and nutritional aspects.
I will leave no stone unturned, together we will erase negative responses you have locked away before they becomes major issues.

Let’s call this preventative medicine? 

What's Been Happening At Our Eco Retreat?

Along with finalising our eco retreat program and my HOW TO: Kinesiology? books this year I got the most exciting, most awesome news this year is the birth of our first grandson Ryder James Zeller. Travis and Chloe are amazing parents and Ryder is an absolute delight.

Cassey has found a yummy man (probably shouldn't talk like that BUT!) he's such a breathe of fresh air compared to 'the other' one...

Bill and I went to Europe in June for 5 weeks and had a blast, we visited so many places and caught up with all our Frenchies. Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and extended family welcoming. 

I now have 7 of my 10 books up for sale from my web and amazon is chugging along well.

This year we have had less back packers and have decided to keep just 2 of them permanently (we have them locked up in the dungeon) On a serious note Clau and Coco are a welcome addition to our crazy household.  We have had people popping in and staying all year, some for courses and some just for leisure.

Are you considering becoming a kinesiology practitioner?

Want to be able to assist yourself, family and friends as well as to receive an income from clients straight away? You could become qualified through my course at Bayside Kinesiology Brisbane. Courses on offer this year are Kinergetics, Jaw RESET, Face Reading. Relationships and Love, Abundance and life planning to name just a few.  For a full list read more


In 2017, along with teaching more and only having 20 clients a week.  I'm almost closing my books already, as the serious have already booked their WHOLE year of treatments ahead with me already.  So be warned if your sure this year has your name all over it and you want to be ahead of the game then READY, SET, GO before you get caught up in the drift.
I GIVE YOU PERMISSION to be happy healthy, vibrant and excuse free.
Be the light and shine brightly for yourself and others will follow. :)

What's Been Happening in 2015?

Where do I start? Like everyone that I talk to life certainly speeds up with every morning we wake up.

This year we have had international back packers staying here and helping us around our permaculture property, doing office work and promotional videos. And can I say our place looks AMAZING! So much has changed and the experiences of playing tourist on the weekends has got Bill and myself out seeing more of our beautiful state than usual. Its been such a joy to watch our guests faces light up as they learn new Aussie experiences, scream with having wild reptiles land on them (small spiders, flies, bugs, and other critters) experience food and outdoor culture.

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