Where do I start? Like everyone that I talk to life certainly speeds up with every morning we wake up.
This year we have had international back packers staying here and helping us around our permaculture property, doing office work and promotional videos. And can I say our place looks AMAZING! So much has changed and the experiences of playing tourist on the weekends has got Bill and myself out seeing more of our beautiful state than usual. Its been such a joy to watch our guests faces light up as they learn new Aussie experiences, scream with having wild reptiles land on them (small spiders, flies, bugs, and other critters) experience food and outdoor culture.

Bill has totally come into his own element being the story teller that he is.. Barbara I'm finally understanding that other people love his very long list of stories and adventures. Thank you.

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I have also been creative this year and have published a book on Amazon and created a new course called HOW TO: Kinesiology? I will be running my accredited Teacher Training Class twice a year. It's a consolidation of my 20 years experience rolled up very neatly into a simple formula that offers profound results quickly and easily. You don't need previous kinesiology experience to become a teacher because over the 5 day course, I will hold your hand every step of the way. Privately, Bill and I have been having fun getaways in our ambulance motor home regularly. This come about because we couldn't stand paying so much for a hotel room. You know us we are outdoors people.. We had to lean how to relax though. the first time we went out, we had gone for a swim, had breakfast, had another rest on the beach, gone for another swim and headed back to the van only to find it was only 8.30 am!!! We had to learn how to rest. A year down the track now and we are much better at it lol.

My exercise continually changes to, I've gone from hard core killing myself feeling super strong, determined, never letting anything beat me to doing yoga and learning how to be reflective and to breathe.
I'm now again at a cross roads of wanting to combine the both which is hard because weight training shortens muscles making yoga feel like I never get any real changes. Suggestions gladly appreciated here... Yoga is extremely hard but in a very different way.

Looking back on my 2015 goals I would say I've been successful with most, but arriving at them in an unexpected way was part of the journey. I hope you all had a very happy and successful year as well.

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