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Are we all going for simple, quick, easy and nutritious this year? I know I am and its easier than you think.
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As summer revs up in Qld I swear I could live on ice cream for every meal..
Foods that make any ice cream creamy and smooth are frozen bananas or avocado (yes they do taste surprisingly amazing)
Coconut cream can be added for a healthier alternative
Cacao, nuts or dates turn any ice cream into anything you can buy from the shop seem boring.
From there simply add any variety of frozen (close to over ripe) fruit or berries you can get your hands on.
I can often purchase these cheaper by the box in summer because they are all close to being over ripe.

Oh and by the way over ripe fruit make the best fruit leathers made in the dehydrator or in a low temperature oven.
Happy eating everyone, it's one of my most favourite simple pleasures in life.
And don't forget to bless your food for that extra depth of mmmm flavour.

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