Are your dreams equaling your actions?
If you could wish for anything what would it be?

I have designed a new program that will allow me to month-by-month work on specific areas of your life over the next 12 months.
This program is designed to capture the entire anatomy of your physical body, as well as the mental and emotional bodies, etheric bodies, meridians, chakras and nutritional aspects.

I will leave no stone unturned, together we will erase negative responses you have locked away before they becomes major issues.

Let’s call this preventative medicine?

Here’s an example of just one month: we already know what will be influencing you during each astrological month, so why not work within its healing phases? Each month is extremely different and possesses new and unique environments and opportunities to heal.

We will work on how you use your structures, plans and designs for personal life and business.

The body parts most effected this month by lack of structure is your knees, bones, ears and teeth. Scientist say that the average person walks equivalent of twice around the world in a life time and women over 30 are losing up to 1% bone mass a year this seems like a no brainer to slow down the aging process.
The meridian connected to this month is the triple burner (which translates to adrenals and hormonal systems. Yeah that has to be good for everyone doesn’t it?
Bring back kind heartedness, stability and emotional lightness

I know it sounds awesome doesn’t it? Imagine if we could be squeaky clean of past issues locked away here, so that we only have to deal with the present time. Arrrr amazing you say, I can feel you relaxing straight away....

HOW TO: Kinesiology? and Kinergetics (kinesiology modalities) are the perfect treatments partners. Together they can release fight, flight, freeze and fear responses that are held with in all parts of your physical body, etheric bodies and chakras

Of course we will be addressing how the ego self and how the unconscious mind communicates its needs and desires in the material world in relation to health, creativity, romance, work and new beginnings.

If you would love to be one of the sassy women and powerful men who are ahead of their game this year, all as you need to do is send me an email and together we can schedule you a monthly appointment or you can immediately book yourself in here.

I know I’ll be doing this for myself, finally I’ve found a way to be able to fix everything and not avoiding the tasks that are too hard for me.

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