$159 a week for private family health cover and it doesn’t even fully cover ANYTHING!

Here’s the tip

If you need emergency medical care DON’T say you have health insurance. Public hospitals are free. Regardless of health insurance you will still get the same specialist there on the day of an emergency.
Some emergencies can be prevented with lifestyle changes. Look after your nutrition, care for your mental stability and rest when you are tired.
Seek out a trusted natural therapist in which ever field your comfortable with.
Here is what I do:

I see a nutritionist for iridology because they know by looking in your eyes (not diagnosing, cause only dr’s are allowed to diagnose) your physical health past and predicted future if not addressed. Then I receive gentle herbs to address my physical health.
I consult another kinesiologist to help me with my emotional issues (yes I have stacks of issues, just like everyone else). The difference is I respond to them instead of react. I’m the boss and I chose how to deal with my emotions, they don’t control me, I control them.
Then I do something that makes my heart sing often like catching up with friends and family, move regularly to keep my fitness, I jump in a spa, an ocean or a bath tub to relax. I listen to music or books. I eat well. I work in a career that resonates for me and I love it so I never have to work a day in my life.
I have not seen a medical dr since my daughter was born in 1993 and that was to give birth. No not for anything, not a Pap smear, mammogram, flu injection, nothing at all. Why? Because I can tell you better than any dr what my ‘real’ health is. I’m totally 100% accountable for my actions, my well being and health.

Here’s how I made it cheap enough to do. I became a kinesiologist over 25 years ago. I learnt 1 modality called Kinergetics,  and I practised and practised until I became proficient at helping myself which then led me to helping my family, which finally led me to a very abundant career and lifestyle.

The amount of $ I’ve saved is HUGE, the non-dependency on institutions is priceless.

Of course being a kinesiologist is not for everyone, but consider aromatherapy oils or tissue salts, just anything that will pull you away from drs and more in control of your own destiny.


WHAT IF YOU DON’T???? Ever considered that there are herbs and therapists for that as well? I’ve had bone breaks and I’ve used comfrey and run my meridians and addressed they ‘why did I attract this to me’ problem. I’ve made it my business to fix myself. We are always in the right place at the right time.

If you have read to the end of this long text then you are obviously awake and looking for alternatives.

Welcome to my world 🌿🌞🌸

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