It feels like you’re the only one that can never get enough good quality sleep. No one else understands the struggle you’re going through right? Ok you’re tired enough, you even fall asleep watching tv and the second you decide to go to bed your wide awake....

Why is that?

Well that’s a loaded question and the way I would check with kinesiology would be.... of course the same way I do everything else...wholistically and through muscle testing.

Physically- is it the bed or bedding / environment / air flow / too dark or too light / too hot, too cold, electrical fuse box too close? It’s best to check the obvious before we start getting weird on you and suggest anything else.

Mentally - thinking too much about what needs to be done or what happened at home in the last 24 hours. Basically not able to switch off unless there is background noise.

Emotionally - yes unresolved emotional issues seem to get louder at night time and have you noticed especially around 3am in the morning. The old saying ‘never go to bed on an argument is true. Your brain literally spend the entire time of sleep still fighting. You know that’s true because you wake up with exactly the same attitude.

Sometimes family concerns are hard to let go of and may not be able to be resolved. Long term unresolved issue will cause cortisol to increase causing a wearing down of physical function.

Spiritual - yep the amount of times I’ve heard.... little Bob won’t go to bed because he sees monsters in his room or even older people feel that there is an energy in there room watching over them at nighttime. Now I’m not saying that this is alway a bad thing (the monsters are, they’re naughty) but your guardians that watch over you during the daytime and you always like to know they’re around also keep a watch over you at night time as well. Talk to them and tell them to tone it down a bit. If they hear you during the day they will hear you at night!

Nutritional - ok what did you eat just before you went to bed? You know stimulants like tea and coffee are out as are too many food combinations. Having some protein just before bed tends to quieter the mind ready for sleep. This can be a protein shake, it doesn’t need to be half a cow.

Check your night time habits, you know if you come to me for a kinesiology treatment and your doing the wrong thing by your soul I’m going to nail you with some truth serum and you will be sleeping better guaranteed if you do what your body is begging you to do.

Yep kinesiology works but you have to do your share of the homework as well. There is no magic potion that voids you of responsibility (if you find it let me know, we could bottle it together and make a fortune) oh hang on maybe there is already. Dam those doctors beat me to it. No wonder Mr Pharmaceutical is rich.

🌟⭐️ For long term solutions without side affects consult a kinesiologist today. 🌟⭐️

I always make my consultations light hearted and packed with take home solutions as well as clearing the energetic blocks that cause you not to sleep or stay asleep.

May many blessing fall on you tonight 🌜

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