Vision doesn’t need to deteriorate as you age. Consider that your eyes witness so many things during a year, month, day or even moment to moment. It’s no wonder our eyes get tired and it’s no wonder that when we see something that distress us it’s like our eyes voluntarily decide they don’t want to go back to that exact micro positioning in our eyes ever again ‘just in case it sees the same stress’

Just really soak that up,

imagine our eyes being a tiny little universe tracking across the unknown fields of ‘today’. As kinesiologist we know for a fact that all and any unresolved stress lands in the body somewhere. IMAGINE if the first or second responses are via the visual fields.

Ok here’s the tip.

We know we can hold or rub the visual points at the base of the occipital to relieve eye tension. We also know that rubbing our temples brings a certain kind of calmness back to the body.

But did you know that many of the eye muscles attach to the sphenoid bone? In layman’s terms the roof of the mouth. When I work with my clients I may also get them to place their tongue on the roof of their mouth (in effect triggering the sphenoid bone, eye muscles and pituitary gland). Combine this with getting the client to rotate their eyes in a full circular motion whilst muscle testing and it’s as if you have picked up a whole new conversation with their eyes and the issue they came in with.

Here’s the wrap

All unresolved issues WILL be effected by the jaw effected by the jaw and it’s muscles. And all issues that seem impossible to correct (or stay corrected) will have jaw and sphenoid imbalances.

Grab your favourite kinesiologist and get this eye correction done on yourselves today. As I deal with more of my personal issues my eyesight continues to improve even over the age of 50.

Want to know more?

I run HOW TO: Kinesiology? Learning Enhancement courses that specifically work with the 5 senses.

I also run a JAW R.E.S.E.T regularly that specialises in the jaw.

I also do phone consultations to reduce stress and believe it or not help rewire your eyes. (Figuratively speaking, cause I don’t use wire of course.... that brings me to having a blind 8 year old client once and I said very innocently ok let’s pop you up on the massage table and see what going on in your tummy..... well she screamed the house down cause she thought I was going to cut her open. I diverge, go get your eyes tested with me or another trained kinesiologists hat specialises in eyes. It’s worth it. There’s so many wonderful things to visually experience in our world.

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