This could very easily be your typical kinesiology client that walks into your clinic:

She’s 40ish got a few aches and pains physically, but primarily feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and has kid dramas on the home front & at school and is totally exhausted.

As a kinesiologist we would address each issue individually.

She’s a female
(check hormones, menstrual cycle - book 7 HOW TO: Kinesiology? Physical pain & Fitness)

Physical discomfort
(Check body systems specifically muscular, skeletal and circulation - book 7 again)

Overwhelmed / kid drama
(Check there may be a payoff?? HOW TO: Kinesiology? Book 1 Formula)

(Check families love language to make sure everyone understand each others love style - Book 3 HOW TO; kinesiology? Relationships & love)

Kid drama
(Check learning difficulties - HOW TO : Kinesiology? Book 4 Learning Enhancements)

Could be anything from classroom problems to visual, auditory issues or over tired or picking up on mums worries.

Check food allergies - HOW TO : Kinesiology? Book 2 Allergies) don’t rule out lunch box treats or wheat.

5. Totally exhausted - give the mum a holiday and take the cell phone and to do list off her.

Check life balance - HOW TO : Kinesiology? Book 6 Abundance & Business Management

If this is you as a client book into see a kinesiologist, were likely to remedy a lot of issues in the first session

If this is you as a mum needing more tools to add to your Mary Poppins bag come do a workshop with me either in person or (on-line or coming within the next month)

If this is you as a kinesiologist looking for concise manuals you can purchase the complete set from 20%off total set for a limited time only.

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