Ever wondered why your child is perfectly happy one moment then daddy (or a significant other) comes home and they turn into this wild spooky, aggressive masterpiece.

It could be that your little one is surrogating and expressing what big ole daddy couldn’t do at work. Yep it’s 100% true. IF DAD COMES HOME ANGRY / UPSET and your child’s behaviour has changed on their arrival. I can bet you money this is child is taking on the other persons emotions.

Here’s the tip.

Let both of them know exactly what’s happening, daddy will be super impressed that the little talker loves him that much and the child (no matter the age) will understand at a soul level as well.


Awareness is the main answer here, although I would use any type of Aura cleansing spray or sage that resonates with you, saying the Lord’s Prayer is also a very powerful invocation as well. (This should all be part of your first aid box).

Watch how quickly the energy shifts once both parties are aware and accept their part of the responsibility.

If nothing changes. Then your kid is just being a little shit, no not really, well they could be...but it could be a billion other reasons as well, this is just 1 solution to an unusually (out of character) behaviour a child displays.

Before the age of around 10 children are still building their own aura / identity / personal space and can be influenced greatly by others around them (including shopping centres, child care and schools). Of course your child is a perfect little soul, let them shine brightly and get on top of this behaviour. It won’t go away without recognition. Awareness is power.

To learn more about treating your family naturally through kinesiology or as a kinesiologist if you need more resource tools PM me and I’ll be happy to share my books or courses with you.

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