Gotta love those words don’t you? It’s just what every business owner wants to hear isn’t it? NOT! As my business grows I’ve bumped heads with quite a few people. Some are just down right rude, others sugar coat it by saying its for your own benefit, (you know that constructive stab in the back)

Well I love it, it makes me grow, stretch my beliefs in myself, shows me how I deal with uncomfortable and is a gentle reminder of how a client can feel when they are pouring their soul out to us therapists in the hope that maybe they can leave feeling like a load has been lifted from their shoulders.

So how do I (we) deal with failure? And why doesn’t it come packaged in the same wrapping as last time?

At least it would be familiar, but NO, somehow ever failure or let down is slightly different in size, shape and intensity.

As a ‘mature’ kinesiologist I have seen many new students have all the tools, all the right reasons to succeed, with their heart in the right place and a dream to change the world. What is often (but not always) missing is the basic foundations of business management, understanding and skills.. it breaks my heart to see kinesiologists lacking a few days of condensed training and mentoring from seniors that have tread the path before them.

I want you to succeed, I want you to be the best version of yourself you can be. Be pushy, ask your instructors to give you more time in this area. It’s one of the places that matters most. Often kinesiologist are born to be natural healers, what’s missing is left brain logic in a foreign territory - 💰 money.

If they can’t / don’t help you or answer questions go further afield. Get bossy, get demanding. You deserve to be the successful kinesiologist you dreamed of being. I sure as heck believe in you!

My suggestion I can offer is the HOW TO: Kinesiology? Abundance & Business Management Workshop to sit down and nut things out. I’m looking at running a course specifically designed for kinesiologist in Gili island Indonesia this July.

Benefits: tax dodge, affordable, HOLIDAY, leave all the distractions behind, meals and accommodation provided. Did I say tax dodge? 👍I’ve got you covered. This workshop can take you the distance into solid foundations and back into fun again.

Did I mention holiday without distractions?

It will be small group designed to address all areas of business, not just marketing. If your ready to supercharge your business and personal life give me a shout out. 🙀 looking forward to helping you design your successful life.

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