People are becoming more and more savvy with their money. They are wanting the best bang for their buck and they want it today. There is no doubt you’re a good kinesiologist, otherwise you wouldn’t be here sourcing new information and keeping ahead of the game.

But did you know how easy it is to make another kinesiology income stream? I’m noticing my ‘female clients’ are now sending over their stressed out partners for financial guidance/

this is huge, it’s a completely new field you could be taping into. It’s called cross selling. Your not only offering emotional guidance for the women but the men also get help in a ‘safe’ environment. After all not many men have emotions do they??? and would therefore not need therapy. They will however line up in the droves if you could guide them financially. Of course you can then address emotions and the likes once they are in.

Let me give you an example this week. A plumber who books his OWN kinesiology appointments. Now this young 30 year old is making buckets of money (I’m talking in the millions EVERY quarter) AND he books in every 3 months with me. He’s an inspirational work with seriously.

He comes in with his financial statements, (profit /loss & balance sheets) his very strong goals for the quarter and a list of his ‘problem’ areas in business. He talks to me about his successes and we look at new opportunities that are opening up to him as he learns to own his superpowers. Every single time we clear negative beliefs, sabotages and smash out some strategies to reach his full business potential.

You can also do this as a kinesiologist, it’s simple. Maybe your problem is you just don’t have enough consolidated information in the right areas at your finger tips. Also you probably haven’t cleared your own financial land mines. I know. It’s in the to do list, I get it. Your good at kinesiology but not your own financials. It’s a problem but it doesn’t have to be.

If I can offer any advice I would suggest you either:

1. Get your kinesiology instructor to spend an entire 40+ hours educating you on everything they have learnt over the time they have been in business
2. Employ a financial advisor / mentor
3. Come and do an Abundance & Business Management workshop - 5 full days face2face
4. Do an online Abundance & Business Management course in your own time frame
5. Have some kinesiology treatments to clear your business sabotages with someone who is savvy in this field
6. Buy the complete set of HOW TO: Kinesiology? Books to assist you with specific information in this subject
Either way I can help you with all of these areas. It’s important to me that you make it to the top of YOUR mountain, YOUR way. You got this for sure. If you can learn a strange modality like kinesiology then this will be a breeze. I’d love to see you capture a second income whilst staying in a modality you love. If you need more information please contact me and let’s work out the best deal for you.

P.s I’m paying my mentor $18,500 p/y to keep ahead of the game. This is a big deal and I’m kicking goals every single week because I have a consolidated plan.

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