For sure, absolutely, no denying.
What happens when your child injures themselves and you have no other option than to rely on someone else to call the shots for YOUR child? The emotional pain you go through as a mother being clueless is unbearable. Other than hugging your child and telling them that they are going to be ok (eventually) or worse still - sit at the hospital for the next 3 hours is excruciatingly painful for you and your child.

I get it - you think you are no good at offering medical advice, well, what if it’s not ‘medical?’ what if energy healing could be their first point of comfort?

What if you could learn a few kinesiology techniques yourself that will instantly begin the healing process?

For example:

Run acupuncture meridians

Send energy into a specific chakra (base chakra for physical pain)
Play a tonal frequency of 25Hz - youtube has heaps of them
Trace figure 8’s around the area of pain
Do some diaphragmatic breathing (specifically the out breath for physical pain / in breath for shock)
Relax the jaw muscles so tension is not locked into the body
Hold ESR points - emotional stress release points to calm emotions
The list goes on and on.....

The love of being able to be fairly treated and at no expense is a gift you can easily give.
Learning kinesiology healing is a fast, powerful and profound way to treat the symptoms of pain. Energy healing is painless and non-invasive and can be learnt. In fact it’s not unusual that students come with their own physical problems and over the 12 days of learning start to reduce or eliminate their own pain over the 25 treatments given and received as you learn.

If this is making you say YES PLEASE! Come join my small outdoor classroom where you are guaranteed personalised, interactive and experiential tuition.

25 years of teaching kinesiology assures you quality you can trust. Book in directly here or phone 0419737396 today.

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