Vision doesn’t need to deteriorate as you age. Consider that your eyes witness so many things during a year, month, day or even moment to moment. It’s no wonder our eyes get tired and it’s no wonder that when we see something that distress us it’s like our eyes voluntarily decide they don’t want to go back to that exact micro positioning in our eyes ever again ‘just in case it sees the same stress’

Just really soak that up,

imagine our eyes being a tiny little universe tracking across the unknown fields of ‘today’. As kinesiologist we know for a fact that all and any unresolved stress lands in the body somewhere. IMAGINE if the first or second responses are via the visual fields.

Ok here’s the tip.


It feels like you’re the only one that can never get enough good quality sleep. No one else understands the struggle you’re going through right? Ok you’re tired enough, you even fall asleep watching tv and the second you decide to go to bed your wide awake....

Why is that?

Well that’s a loaded question and the way I would check with kinesiology would be.... of course the same way I do everything else...wholistically and through muscle testing.


$159 a week for private family health cover and it doesn’t even fully cover ANYTHING!

Here’s the tip

If you need emergency medical care DON’T say you have health insurance. Public hospitals are free. Regardless of health insurance you will still get the same specialist there on the day of an emergency.
Some emergencies can be prevented with lifestyle changes. Look after your nutrition, care for your mental stability and rest when you are tired.
Seek out a trusted natural therapist in which ever field your comfortable with.
Here is what I do:

This could be my typical kinesiology client today.
Me: Hi, what would you like me to work on today?
Her: Oh I’m not sure, my life is out of control, nothing is going to plan...
Me: Ok then, not to much to do then 💐 (cause kinesiology miracles can happen in 1 hour, less 7.5 minutes to meet & greet and 3.75 minutes to pay the bill and leave)
Her: (laughter) I should probably have come in earlier I know, but I’m always too busy with home life. But NO IT’S TIME FOR ME NOW!! (Insert desperate tones) 🥀
Me: Thinking inside my head.... great, she’s ready for change, she can see what she has done isn’t working and she’s ready to make time for herself.
Me: outside my head.... so finally it’s time for you... good eye contact because you can see this is a lady that doesn’t get heard very often and she matters to a whole load of people.
Me: Ok I know exactly what to do, I’m going to firstly check that you:

If you would like to become one of the many students that have learnt with me and now have successfully changed their career to one of flexibility.
A career that can change the way you look at all areas of your life in the most profound way then pick up the phone and let’s chat Today 0419 737 396

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