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At Bayside Kinesiology we are happy to offer a range of educational and recreational experiences. We have a 5-acre property with a fully equipped training room and accommodation with permaculture gardens in a beautiful Aussie bush setting. We have been serving the community since 1996. With 20 years of training experience we are happy to work with a range of clients in a fun and informal environment. 

Each Retreat can be modified to ensure that it suits your needs, to that effect we have included a brief summary of some of the many educational activities that we regularly run and some of the skills each participant would develop. 




A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful â?? not to mention happier and more fun to work with! We can co-ordinate a range of fun team building games to laugh, learn, and connect with your team. 

  • They can be tailored to the fitness levels and interests of the people involved.Improve Team Bonding  â?¢  Improve Communication Skills 
  • Enhance Creative Problem Solving and Collaboration Skills


Kinesiology is the healthcare system of the future. Your body is designed to heal itself naturally. Kinesiology is a simple technique to help the body balance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally.

In this activity participants will learn how to: 

  • Do Kinesiology â??self testing â?? 
  • Find imbalances/intolerances and desensitise
  • Establish new personal/group goals


Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualisation, the breath or movement in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

In this activity participants will: 

  • Learn and use different tools and techniques to help attain a peaceful mind and different breathing techniques


Face reading, involves a deep reading of peoplesâ?? faces and expressions. 

In this activity participants will:

  • Learn insights into facial structures and expressions
  • Read emotion and personality underneath appearances 
  • Learn to understand themselves to bring out the best of their uniqueness 


Behavioural problems if not addressed may swiftly escalate into a distracting scene that takes attention away from the real issues. There are many ways when dealing with clients,work colleagues and family members where behaviour will cross a line and become difficult to handle.

In this activity participants will learn:

  • Some underlying reasons for behaviour clashes
  • Coping and management strategies
  • Negotiation skills

GOAL SETTINGS:                           

Goal setting is very important life skill, and most of us donâ??t make the time to work through what it is that we really want to achieve.  

In this activity participants will:

  • Learn the importance of goal setting
  • Work through a goal setting process 
  • Learn what some of their mental blocks are... and how to clear them 


Real life involves real people who often feel misunderstood. Sometimes saying â??well done" just isn't enough. The need for appreciation or apology impacts all human relationships. Just as you have a different love language, you also hear and express the words and gestures of appreciation in a different language. 

In this activity participants will:

  • Identify the workplace languages and clear the way toward healing and sustaining vital relationships


The purpose of the Sensory Deprivation activity is to learn tools and techniques to assist a person who may have impairment of one or more senses.

In this activity participants will:

  • Learn through experience â?? (participants must be prepared to learn first hand) 
  • Feel what it is like to be deprived of sight, hearing, speech and body movement 
  • Develop strategies to help others with each impairment


Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonising system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible and also improves the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Bringing about emotional stability and clarity of mind.

In this activity participants will: 

  • Learn slow gentle stretch and movement with intention 
  • Learn how to set intentions of what they want to achieve e.g. relaxation, to get out of the head, to leave work at work


Good health depends on healthy eating. We have a 5-acre permaculture property with our own organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. A range of recipes is available and can be tailored to suit the participant group. 

In this activity participants will learn:

  • Importance of eating food that is raw or unprocessed 
  • Benefits of organics and eating â??Free of Stressâ?? food 
  • How the body metabolises food
  • Medicinal plants across the seasons
  • Go foraging in the permaculture gardens to collect healthy ingredients 
  • Prepare meals from scratch some basic meals, dips and desserts (different recipes available) 
  • Take home a cheat sheet on healthy living and recipes of the foods prepared 


The purpose of these activities is to undertake exercises to activate both sides of the brain. These activities can be tailored to meet the precise needs and requirements of participants. 

It will include a circuit of activities. Depending on fitness of participants we can do a combination of exercises done while sitting on the floor, exercises involving minimal movement or more physical activities. 

Some suggested developmental areas include: 

  • Brian Exercises
  • Fine motor skills exercises
  • Gross motor skills exercises


Massage is the manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being. Physical benefits of massage include: heightened mental alertness, reduced muscle tension, improved circulation 

In this activity participants will learn to: 

  • Become familiar with some basic massage techniques 
  • Work together in pairs (fully clothed) to practice their skills 
  • How pressure and texture can change the experience of touch 




There is a range of options available to suit all budgets and requirements. All participants will be expected to share in meal preparation and daily house keeping activities.

Some Options include:

  1. All meals, linen and in house (possibly share room) accommodation are provided*
  1. All meals, linen and tent accommodation will be provided for you*
  1. All meals will be provided, BYO tent and bedding*
  1. Meals only option*

All the above options include the use of amenities including shower, pool and spa.

Meals are organic and straight from our gardens wherever possible.  Most dietary needs can be met if you advise before arrival.

We are located in Sheldon in the outer Brisbane Metropolitan area and are also able to pick you up from Brisbane Airport.*


After Hours Activities for Live-in Accommodation

As well as structured/formal training experiences we offer a range of recreational experiences for participants: 

  • Rest and Relaxation: Spend quiet time alone just relaxing by the dams or reclining in a hammock
  • Camp fire: Depending on the time of year and weather, we have an open camp fire outdoors 
  • Bush Walks: We have bush walks in the area, where you will cross paths with wallabies and lizards ..... there are also snakes, spiders and a tick or 2!
  • Enjoy some relaxing old-fashioned games in the afternoon: Chinese Whispers, Black Magic, Dixit, Kelly Pool
  • Swim or Spa: Bring your bathers: We have a large pool and the spa is always heated


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AUD $65.00


Location: We are situated in Sheldon, in the outer Brisbane metropolitan area Australia.

We are more than happy to pick you up from Brisbane international airport, when given enough notification.

Meals & Accommodation: Accommodation, from our beautiful, relaxed country acreage location amongst the kangaroos, koalas and other native animals is provided to full fee paying interstate or international students when course is paid in full prior to commencement date. All meals and accommodation is provided for you with your help for $65 AUD per day.

We can accommodate most dietary needs if you let us know before you arrive for your course. For students repeating Kinergetics modules and attending at a reduced price we may offer accommodation if available - full fee paying students will have priority for accommodation.

Live in car, caravan or tent prices are available at a discounted price of $45 per night. Includes meals, shower and laundry facilities. 

Bare basics: You provide your own meals and personal accommodation but live onsite for just $20 this will includes electricity, shower and laundry facilities only.


AUD $47.00

1 Formula

Ever hear yourself saying "if I knew what the problem was I could fix it!!!"

Well now you can. 

This manual teaches you how to ask the right questions to get the right answers for every physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional problem you have

More than 80% of our problems can be solved quickly & easily with kinesiology

Let me give you an example: 

You have had a back pain for too long and nothing has fixed it (evidently). 

Have you considered it may not be a structural problem?  Sure it physically hurts, so why haven't the pills fixed it? 

Consider for a moment it could be:

-- Emotional stress -  your worried and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

-- Mental attitude - that your backs against the wall and you have no options in particular relationship

-- Spiritual - you are not on your life's path or finding it difficult to walk your talk. 

-- Nutritional - not drinking enough water therefore giving your kidneys a hard time detoxifying

-- Physical - strained a muscle and not giving it time to recover

In my "HOW TO" kinesiology book you will learn all the tools for every day use in a simple and concise format

Kindle Version

The kindle version is available from AMAZON


AUD $247.00

Foundation Formula

How To Kinesiology? Formula

Welcome to the beginning of your new adventure.

Here in kinesiology world you will unlock many new discoveries along with ancient knowledge. This course is designed to tantalise your senses and awaken your knowledge.
Please use this course with the aim of helping yourself to discover worlds within worlds.

Formula is an overview of all the other on line courses available, here you will learn how to do 'kinesiology self testing' and to ask the body if a sympton or ailment has any links into your emotional, mental, spiritual or nutritional realms.

Kinesiology works by simply unlocking the pathways that created problems. Whilst it may not appear an obvious connection at first to the problem at hand, it will open doorways into healing. I have personally used kinesiology to direct my health, finances and emotional states since 1996 and I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience.
I now no longer need to rely on other peoples opinions. I have the tools to go directly to the source of the problem. If you feel you are ready to jump into the world of self discovery then this is a course for you.

I'm so excited for you and I know what the beautiful wonders of the world will give back to you.
If life, relaxation, and contentment resonate with you jumpin right in and go for it.





AUD $43.00

2 Allergies

This reference book compliments the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series by providing scan lists that focus specifically on the most likely items that cause allergies, irritations or reactions.

Drawn from experience in her clinic, Ranee Zeller includes scan lists for categories of natural and man-made food (all types), additives, chemicals, fabrics, drugs, personal products, baby items, household items, cleaning supplies (indoor and outdoor), vaccinations and more. Anatomy and physiology lists are also included to assist with identifying reactions.

As a BONUS Ranee Zeller has included client handouts for Coeliac, Dairy, Nut and Salicylate dietary needs.

This is a great stand alone reference book for the healer. For the lay person to the professional kinesiologist looking for a complete package then Book 1: Formula of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? is required, with over 80 pages, it outlines how to energetically test and clear allergic imbalances that may be held within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or nutritional areas of the body.

The Kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $2,850.00


What is Kinergetics?  Kinergetic healing is a fast, powerful and profound way to treat the symptoms of illness and disease by identifying energetic dysfunctions. Energy healing is painless and non-invasive, using muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress and imbalance or dysfunctional energy systems of the body. Kinergetics combines techniques including thought field therapy, intuitive healing, therapeutic touch and jaw stacking, among others.

What is this course?  An accredited course with support, guidance and practical tips along the way.

Who should do this?  Everyone from beginners to advanced kinesiologists, and anyone wanting to make a career out of kinesiology or further their work in the field.

What will I get out of this? You will receive 25 treatments giving you genuine and immediate results. You will also learn practical skills to pass on to others, including jaw stacking, stress correction, muscle testing and trauma correction, among others.

How long is the course? 12 consecutive days covering 6 units.

Will I get lost or overlooked while I'm in class? Small classes mean personalised, interactive and experiential tuition.

Will I get accredited?  This is an accredited course recognised internationally, going toward yearly required CPE (Continuing Professional Education) studies.

Will I be tested?  There are no exams associated with this course. If you want international accreditation, assessments can be arranged.

Practical notes:  Each unit comes with a comprehensive manual for you to take home.

When is this in 2019? April 20 - May 1; August 17 – 28; November 16 – 27.

The fine print:  A 10% deposit is required when booking. Cancellations greater than 30 days from start of course eligible for a full refund minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations 30 - 15 days from start of course will be eligible for a refund of 50% minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations less than 14 days from start of course will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend classes after full payment is made, you may reschedule to the next available class only. There is an 80% discount if you choose to repeat a course.


Course structure:

Topics covered   -  Skills, Treatments & Results


Pre-tests Gaining permission and ensuring hydration.
Healing energy Treatment to check and correct blocks to healing energy.
Muscle testing  Skills to test 16 major body muscles and determine where healing energy is required.
Correction positions  Learn the positions that will allow your body to do its own corrections.
Jaw stacking  Skills to balance jaw muscles to balance the whole body.
Finger modes  Skills to identify whether corrections are related to organs, glands or chakra.
Fast fix  Learn where to correct, how long to correct for, and when a correction has been made.
Stress correction  Skills for stress correction and tips on how to change reactions to stress.
Sensitivity correction  Skills for sensitivity correction and tips on how to change reactions to sensitivity.
Self testing  Practical skills for being able to balance yourself.
Electrolyte correction   Skills for balancing your electrolytes.
Brain integration correction  Learn how to test the integration of the brain.
Hydration scan correction  Learn how dehydration causes pain, and develop skills to clear stresses that block the assimilation of water.
Pain correction  Learn how to actively locate subconscious resistance to healing and put in place lasting pain corrections.
Pain TMJ (Masseter and Temporalis)  Learn how to balance and reset jaw muscle tension to correct trauma.



Emotions  Learn how to age recess to identify the original stress points of emotions, then balance and correct to change reactions to stress.
TMJ suppression  Develop skills to find and balance supressed stress in jaw muscles.
Sphenoid and coccyx  Understand how the sphenoid and coccyx impact emotions and how to balance them.
Hypertonic muscles  Learn how to release tension from muscles, tendons and ligaments.
General formatting  Develop skills to clear general stress and imbalances.
Specific formatting  Search for stress and trauma in very specific areas of the body.
Vision  Learn the 10 different vision balances.



Contraction and extension  Test the 16 muscles used in contraction and extension, and learn their relationship to meridians and organs.
Jammed muscle circuits  Learn how to identify over-facilitated muscles.
Heavy metals  Develop skills to strengthen elimination muscles to detox the body of mercury and other heavy metals.
Reactive muscles  Learn how to balance reactive muscles to help ease pain, stress and trauma.
Candida  Learn how to neutralise candida poisons and free up the immune system.
Client sessions  Use skills and knowledge accumulated so far on clients in sample sessions.



Higher vibrational energy  Learn how to clear more energy blocks for deeper corrections.
More power  Discover the full extent of safety checks to access the body’s biofeedback.
Magnesium/mineral metabolism  Learn how to locate stress blocking the assimilation of minerals.
Accessing optimum support  Locate hidden trauma to support the body and reveal more about corrections required.
Hydration scan list correction  Identify deeper, faster hydration corrections.
Access sequence  Challenge pathways in the sequence they got out of balance.
Affirmations  Discover how to clear stress from affirmations.
Sabotage  Learn how to locate the emotional traumas behind self-sabotage.
Electrolyte correction  Discover how to use energy to balance electrolytes.
Session completion checks  Learn how to identify if there are sabotages blocking corrections.



Advanced formats  Discover how to check for dehydration caused by anaesthetics, vaccines and drugs,
Micro-organisms  Check energy changes caused by micro-organisms.
Hydration pathways  Learn how to correct brain messages to alleviate dehydration.
Follow the pathway to the cause  Understand how to trace a trauma to its cause and release it on a deep level.
Higher chakra balance  Check higher chakras for stresses that keep throwing out balance.
Light body correction  Identify and clear stresses from light bodies, or auras.
Light body safety checks  Learn how to balance and align light bodies.


Traumas  Learn how to find and correct traumas from specific areas of the body, and correct the reaction to known traumas.



AUD $497.00

Abundance and Business Management

Abundance and Business Management

As a Kinesiologist I am passionate about what I do in the clinic, at my workshops and my retreats.

I hear your frustrations, Kinesiologists currently need only a measly 10 hours of managements skills for a certificate and a pathetic 25 hours for a diploma. It’s no wonder so many amazing, beautiful, experienced therapists fail drastically even before they get off the ground.
So having said all that and after reading many, many sales, marketing and personal development books, listening to podcasts daily, webinars, videos, attending workshops, having private business management meetings, I still felt clueless on how to apply all this to the kinesiology world. I’m sure you’re all nodding your heads!

It wasn’t until I sat down and really pulled the business structure apart with a very dear, gifted, talented and amazing friend Kathy Mazlin, that I slowly started to get the ‘ah ha’ moments. I need to say right here and now that it still didn’t come easily, as Kathy will agree to. But we have done it! I thank her for being strong with me and pushing me through the limitations that I created in my mind.

So now, my beautiful student and reader take solace in knowing I have done the hard work, chucked all the tantrums, had sleepless nights, budgeted and lost clinic hours for just you.

The good news is I realise that somewhere in the future you want to see a thriving business. I know you’ve got an internal image of yourself, of the impact you want to make in the world, and the people you want to serve. I know when you get to the end of your life and look back, you will wish that you had had the biggest impact with your kinesiology skills and that’s exactly why I have put together this course for you.



Avatar Analysis
Mission Statements
Sample Code Of Ethics
Workplace Health and Safety
How To Formula
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Emotional Scan List
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Mental Scan List





AUD $27.00

3 Relationships and Love

Relationship and Love

Bring healing to your love and relationship issues by applying the methodology in this book. Based on The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, this book incorporates kinesiology techniques to quickly identify the underlying needs of the people in a relationship in regards to their particular love language Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service or Physical Touch.

Scan lists of relationship building ideas are included so readers can test for the best option to bring healing. This book includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional healing options for all 5 love languages.

This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing.  If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended. Book One: Formula, provides the step-by-step instruction and videos on the method Ranee Zeller uses in her clinic and workshops to receive results with her clients.

The kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $980.00

Abundance & Business Management

What is this workshop about? This fundamental foundation workshop is dedicated to helping you realise and set specific goals for your kinesiology business and/or personal life, putting plans in place and managing your mindset so there are no blockages to your goals.

Who should do it? Anyone looking to set up a successful and thriving kinesiology business and be the best version of themselves.

What will I get out of it? You will set an intention as to where your business and/or personal life plan is heading, and will learn how to clear all the blocks around achieving your goals. You will have breakthroughs and learn to be unstoppable, both personally and professionally.

How long is this workshop? 5 consecutive days.

How many people in a class? Classes are capped at 10 students per instructor. Small classes mean personalised, interactive and experiential tuition.

Will I be tested? There are no exams associated with this course.

Practical notes: This workshop comes with a 70-page manual with additional tips on achieving abundance and business management.

When is this in 2019: February 2 – 6; September 7 – 11.


Course Structure
Days 1 & 2

Take an in-depth look into who your ‘avatar’ client will be. Become clear and concise on exactly who your business audience is and whom your advertising is targeted at. Recognise how your business stands out from the crowd, and learn skills on how to be noticed for your individuality.

Begin to clear your own sabotages around abundance. Learn skills to clear blockages that are limiting your abundance, whether financial, career-wise or personal. Recognise and face your strengths and weaknesses so you have the power to improve and achieve great things.

Days 3 & 4

Dive deep into your buyers’ DNA. Understand what their needs, goals and objectives are so you can set your own goals and objectives.

Establish your goals and objectives. Learn how to set short- and long-term objectives both to benefit your business and personal life.

Develop marketing strategies. Develop skills to promote yourself and your business to your target audience.

Environment analysis. Learn how to do a competitor analysis to understand the market you are going in to, and how your business can stand out from the crowd.

Enhance your clients’ experience. Develop strategies to take your business, and how your clients relate to it, to the next level. Learn how you can exceed client expectations

Day 5 Set rounded goals. Learn how to ensure balance and abundance in all aspects of your business and personal life, including around: family and relationships; leisure and travel; finances and legal issues; health and fitness; spirituality, lifestyle and housing; paid work and non-paid work; life-long learning and development

This is the foundation kinesiology workshop that allows you to start a successful and thriving business.  Once you have set an intention as to where your business or life plan is heading you are then able to clear ALL the blocks around achieving it. 

The fine print: A 10% deposit is required when booking. Cancellations greater than 30 days from start of course eligible for a full refund minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations 30 - 15 days from start of course will be eligible for a refund of 50% minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations less than 14 days from start of course will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend classes after full payment is made, you may reschedule to the next available class only. There is an 80% discount if you choose to repeat a course.


AUD $135.00



As a kinesiologist we are so fortunate to be able to address the cause of allergies or physical reactions a person has to a substance. It is for this reason that when a client comes to us saying that they have an allergic reaction to anything that we must very quickly define our areas of expertise.

As a kinesiologist we are unable to diagnose, kinesiology is the skill of muscle testing to see where your body has an energetic imbalance. For example you may have an energitic imbalance to the word gluten, and it may muscle test up as effecting you in the digestive, mental and emotional areas of your life on an energy level'. Once a client understands this it is very easy to proceed as normal.
Of course for any severe reactions it is always advisable to send them to a hospital or medical specialist. Although it is desirable to have a first aid certificate I would not like to hear of anyone needing to use it. Lets keep that for the other professions.

Within this course you will learn:
The differences between physical, mental, emotional,spiritual and nutritional responces to allergies and how kinesiology can adress them (on an energy level only of course)
An overview of the different types of allergies: food, airborne, insect stings and contact allergens


We will also delve into the many types of:

Raw food: fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, eggs and nuts
Scan lists for the many types of dairy, meat and seafood and how they are cooked and preserved
Pantry food including food colouring, additives, preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers and flavour enhancers
Sugar and all it's other not so well know names
Artificial sweeteners and their toxicity
Drinks, alcohol and beverages
Personal health care for mum, dad and baby
Indoor and outdoor products including cleaning products, insecticides, pestacides and herbacides
Outdoor / indoor pests and animal allergens including mites, faeces, lice and decomposing bodies
Outdorr pollens, fertalisers and manures
Drugs and vacines including an estensive list of recreational drugs and their street names, how they are consumed, potency and purity

Bonus Material

Coeliac brochure
Milk brochure
Nut allergy brochure
Salicylate brochure





AUD $43.00

4 Learning Enhancement

This book is aimed at people of all ages and walks of life still having trouble reaching and maintaining skills. You have permission to learn, retain and recall all you choose to learn.

Letting go of learning difficulties, clear any limiting beliefs, correcting poor co-ordination skills as well as developmental reflexes are all expressed in this book

Often poor memory retention and the inability to be able to process information may come from early school days due to classroom or playground activities. 

Included in this book are ways to identify your most favoured style of learning via the 7 keys to intelligence, as well as exercises to allow you to lock in and integrate your unique learning style.

Brain integration is all about when we know better we will do better, when the emotions are high, intelligence is low.

Clearing classroom and social problems from the scan lists in the 5 categories of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Nutritional allows for a complete learning package.

This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended.

The kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $97.00

Face Reading

Face Reading

Face reading has been by far, my very favourite tool to use in the clinic to get to know someone fast.

When you know how to read the silent messages behind what is not said, it can be very beneficial for you and the client. For example I would say to someone that presents with little or no colour on their top lip 'ìI can see you have been hurt with your emotions and you would prefer to keep to the facts because they don’t change. How about I talk and if Iím wrong, or you would like to add to something, youíre free to do so at any time.

Or if someone presented with eyes that are deep set, I would say something like I am going to chat, I donít need an immediate answer from you it is ok to think about it over the next couple of hours or days. These people can't make decisions quickly because they are reflective by nature.

Compared with people whose eyes are more bulgy - they have to talk to come to a solution. Knowing these few facial traits along the T section, (mouth, nose, eyes and forehead) is a huge benefit in getting to know someone, as well as being able to recognize your own difficulties and strengths that lie within your many traits.

When we are understanding of another's personality traits, we can best find how the dynamics of the situation change and adapt appropriately without being defensive or taking things personally. One personal strength can greatly influence (to the better) an outcome when working together.

In this workshop you will be studying and understanding the structural features of a pesons:





AUD $25.00
AUD $35.00

5 Nutrition & Weight Management

Kinesiology For Weight Loss And Management

This book is for everybody who has ever had a problem with gaining, maintaining or putting on weight, or maintaining good nutrition.  With all of the fad diets and "fake fact" about weight management it can be easy to overlook the proven benefits of using Kinesiology for Weight Loss and Management This book helpd to address that.

Taking an holistic approach, the book covers Kinesiology for Weight Loss and Management along with a Food Diary template and Recommended Daily Routine For Vitality chart (the old fashioned way) that can be photocopied and given to clients or put on the fridge door as a constant reminder.

Allowing your inner beauty to shine through your physical exterior is achievable when weight is addressed holistically from the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Nutritional areas of life. 

Comprehensive scan lists are provided as well as an overview of diet types, label reading, and debunking food myths that keep us locked into ill health and sluggishness.

This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended to allow you to get maximum benefit from our approach to Nutrition and Kinesiology for weight loss and management

The kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $247.00

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

Learning to learn again is a gift given to us every single day of our life.
This is a course that will help you clear your physical blocks you have in speech, vision, hearing and tactile experiences.

Wired closely to the brain, this course will give you access to the associated areas to the brain anatomy as well as homework in each area of the 5 senses if you chose.

Learning Enhancement course allows you to delve into the emotional and mental aspects as well as the nutritional component of learning.
Packed with practical information that is a hands on 'do-able' course straight away.

This course also gives you the kinesiology tools to systematically re-format the learning disabilities simply and easily.
Included are videos on how to do the kinesiology protocol.





AUD $450.00
AUD $33.00

6 Abundance and Business Management

What makes you stressed about moving forward with your business goals? Clear the known and unknown blocks stopping you from having a thriving business!

By using Ranee Zeller's tried-and-true method of identifying and clearing specific issues with kinesiology, step into abundance and achieve your dream.

This book includes tools for attracting customers and creating a business that is authentic to you. While aimed at therapists, it is valuable for all people wanting to improve their business.

This book is designed to complement the first book of the How To: Kinesiology? series. The first book, Book One: Formula, provides the step-by-step instruction on the method Ranee Zeller uses in her clinic and workshops to receive results with her clients. Her methodology is based on the kinesiology technique of energetic muscle testing, which allows users to quickly identify information and take action as indicated. Muscle testing relies on asking the right questions and having a clear indicator muscle. Book One: Formula goes into more details. Remember, let go of fear and trying to control the outcome of what you are testing. I wish you healing and success!

The kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $247.00

Meridians Made Easy

Meridians Made Easy

For the natural therapist interested in learning more about meridians.
This on-line course provides easy-to-use information on  all 12 meridians plus the extra ones not often mentioned.

There is no time limit for completing the assessments; the course can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

On successful completion of the course assessments, you will receive your course certificates.

This on-line course provides easy-to-use information on  all 12 meridians plus the extra ones not often mentioned.

It is a must for every kinesiologists or natural therapists as it provides very clear and concise detail of each meridian including:

  • Overview of each meridian
  • How the meridians run
  • Kinesiologists input
  • Common disorders
  • Pictures of each meridian
  • Muscles that are effected by each specific meridian
  • Relevant questions for related disorders
  • Neuro vascular and neuro lymphatic reflex points
  • Yin / yang flow
  • Number of acupuncture points
  • Time of day function
  • Elements
  • Seasons
  • Astrological sign
  • Body system
  • Colour
  • Sound
  • Fluids
  • Emotions - positive and negative





AUD $63.00

7 Physical Pain Fitness

Everything in one book from the athlete to the invalid, we all have the same body parts, we all organically function the same way its just that something, sometimes through life experience function inappropriately.

With the relevant scan lists we can start to rebuild and reprogram areas of the body that are responding to the wrong cues.

Starting from the beginning and finding the physical pains and symptoms (including blocks in reaching the next fitness level) we are able to address the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Nutritional issues for everybody.

This book holds the answers to:

Postural imbalances and how they affect the body structurally.

List of skeletal bones and muscles including the origin, insertion, action and nerves.

Chiropractic explanation of vertebral column and its effects on the body.

Breathing techniques, Injury prevention, risk management, recovery strategies

Comprehensive, generic and simple explanation of gym terms including a brief description of the different forms of stretching, resistance training, types of cardio training, developing a training program.

While aimed at therapists, it is valuable for all people wanting to improve their physical fitness and vitality. This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended.

The kindle version is available from AMAZON

AUD $100.00

Face Readng

Face Reading Workshop (1 day)

Face reading has multiple facets. Once you can read a person's facial features you can understand the automatic behaviours and silent messages of the soul.

This fun workshop includes the HOW TO: Kinesiology? Book: 10 Face Reading book and covers the most common traits and includes diagrams, explanation, employment opportunities and challenges people may face. You are invited to bring photos of your loved ones to the class as every trait works in relation to you or other people we all interact with.

I use all of these face reading techniques daily to sum up a client before designing a treatment program tailor made for them and by the end of the day you will be able to do the same.


  • $73 – Pre-purchased manual
  • $100 – includes book with workshop


Workshop Dates for 2019:

  • May 17
  • October 18
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