3. Physical pain & Integrative Movement (3 days)

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Physical pain & Integrative Movement (3 days)

A combination of movement and healing. I will teach you how to have a ‘keen’ eye to ‘see’ where physical imbalances lie, and what they are trying to tell you. I will teach you skills in knowing how to unwind the physical pain out of the body and external energy systems. YES this can be learnt. Become a medical intuitive; listen to the subtle energies of the pain or lack of body movement. This is an advanced workshop, as it includes the metaphysics of all movement and pain. Expect big changes. Some kinesiology experience is required. No level of fitness essential for the movement section of this workshop.



Days 1 & 2

Understanding the body and all its subtle layers of healing, learning how to unwind the story locked inside the body is a gentle art of support and dedication to hearing ‘the’ story not yet told.

A medical intuitive is someone that can go deep inside the body systems to all the way out to the subtle energy fields, whilst holding space to heal. I explain this as being able to have one foot safely grounded to earth, while having the other foot out chasing the story of truth. All healing can only ever take place in the present moment. You as the practitioner will learn how to do this and more.

Day 3

I will teach you more questioning skills to open closed doors. Educate you through a variety of movement techniques to delve deep into your own psyche. The closer you get to understand your own body the clearer the channel is for you to understand others.

This workshop jumps straight into the deep end from day 1.

 Let this course take you to another dimension of success. When the practitioner heals their wounds, then they are able to be fully present to help others.

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Workshop Dates
February 22-25th
June 6-10
September 12-16


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