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Jaw R E S E T

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Jaw R.E.S.E.T

What is a jaw R.E.S.E.T? RESET is a simple, non-invasive yet powerful system of relaxing the muscles, nerves and ligaments of the jaw with healing energy. This enables the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to reset back into its normal position. RESET can help many other conditions distant from the jaw related to the body’s muscles, neurology, glands and organs including:

- Your physical state: RESET unblocks all body systems including the gastro-intestinal tract, allowing your digestive tract to function at its optimal pace and improving organs of nutrition and elimination.

- Your mental state: RESET clears the ‘fog’ in your head so you can think clearly and concisely, make better decisions and feel in balance.

- Your emotional state: RESET balances your hormones and improves your emotions, making you feel happier – and make others happier as a result.

- Your spiritual state: RESET align your psyche, and clears your aura and energy lines, in so doing balancing associated organs, glands and emotions.

- Your nutritional state: RESET helps you dispel heavy metals from locked-in places, improving your metabolism and releasing addictions.

What is this workshop about? You will not only RESET your own jaw, but will learn the skills needed to RESET jaws of clients, family and friends.

Who should do it? Anyone wanting to bring increased energy flow to their jaw structure, releasing tension and getting rid of stress and blockages. Everyone who wants to be able to help clients, family and friends RESET their jaws effectively.

What will I get out of it? You will learn how to RESET jaws, as well as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional benefits of a jaw RESET.

Is jaw RESET painful? RESET is gentle and easy, with no physical manipulation applied.

How long is this workshop? 3 hours.

How many people in a class? Classes are capped at 20 students per instructor. Small classes mean personalised, interactive and experiential tuition.

Will I be tested? There are no exams associated with this course.

When is this in 2019: March 29, May 31, July 31, September 27, November 29.

The fine print: A 10% deposit is required when booking. Cancellations greater than 30 days from start of course eligible for a full refund minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations 30 - 15 days from start of course will be eligible for a refund of 50% minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations less than 14 days from start of course will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend classes after full payment is made, you may reschedule to the next available class only. There is an 80% discount if you choose to repeat a course.

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