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What is Kinergetics?  Kinergetic healing is a fast, powerful and profound way to treat the symptoms of illness and disease by identifying energetic dysfunctions. Energy healing is painless and non-invasive, using muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress and imbalance or dysfunctional energy systems of the body. Kinergetics combines techniques including thought field therapy, intuitive healing, therapeutic touch and jaw stacking, among others.

What is this course?  An accredited course with support, guidance and practical tips along the way.

Who should do this?  Everyone from beginners to advanced kinesiologists, and anyone wanting to make a career out of kinesiology or further their work in the field.

What will I get out of this? You will receive 25 treatments giving you genuine and immediate results. You will also learn practical skills to pass on to others, including jaw stacking, stress correction, muscle testing and trauma correction, among others.

How long is the course? 12 consecutive days covering 6 units.

Will I get lost or overlooked while I'm in class? Small classes mean personalised, interactive and experiential tuition.

Will I get accredited?  This is an accredited course recognised internationally, going toward yearly required CPE (Continuing Professional Education) studies.

Will I be tested?  There are no exams associated with this course. If you want international accreditation, assessments can be arranged.

Practical notes:  Each unit comes with a comprehensive manual for you to take home.

When is this in 2020? 

PERTH February 1-12th,
BRISBANE May16-27th,
BRISBANE October 17th-28th

The fine print:  A 10% deposit is required when booking. Cancellations greater than 30 days from start of course eligible for a full refund minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations 30 - 15 days from start of course will be eligible for a refund of 50% minus 10% booking fee. Cancellations less than 14 days from start of course will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend classes after full payment is made, you may reschedule to the next available class only. There is an 80% discount if you choose to repeat a course.


Course structure:

Topics covered   -  Skills, Treatments & Results


Pre-tests Gaining permission and ensuring hydration.
Healing energy Treatment to check and correct blocks to healing energy.
Muscle testing  Skills to test 16 major body muscles and determine where healing energy is required.
Correction positions  Learn the positions that will allow your body to do its own corrections.
Jaw stacking  Skills to balance jaw muscles to balance the whole body.
Finger modes  Skills to identify whether corrections are related to organs, glands or chakras.
Fast fix  Learn where to correct, how long to correct for, and when a correction has been made.
Stress correction  Skills for stress correction and tips on how to change reactions to stress.
Sensitivity correction  Skills for sensitivity correction and tips on how to change reactions to sensitivity.
Self testing  Practical skills for being able to balance yourself.
Electrolyte correction   Skills for balancing your electrolytes.
Brain integration correction  Learn how to test the integration of the brain.
Hydration scan correction  Learn how dehydration causes pain, and develop skills to clear stresses that block the assimilation of water.
Pain correction  Learn how to actively locate subconscious resistance to healing and put in place lasting pain corrections.
Pain TMJ (Masseter and Temporalis)  Learn how to balance and reset jaw muscle tension to correct trauma.



Emotions  Learn how to age recess to identify the original stress points of emotions, then balance and correct to change reactions to stress.
TMJ suppression  Develop skills to find and balance supressed stress in jaw muscles.
Sphenoid and coccyx  Understand how the sphenoid and coccyx impact emotions and how to balance them.
Hypertonic muscles  Learn how to release tension from muscles, tendons and ligaments.
General formatting  Develop skills to clear general stress and imbalances.
Specific formatting  Search for stress and trauma in very specific areas of the body.
Vision  Learn the 10 different vision balances.



Contraction and extension  Test the 16 muscles used in contraction and extension, and learn their relationship to meridians and organs.
Jammed muscle circuits  Learn how to identify over-facilitated muscles.
Heavy metals  Develop skills to strengthen elimination muscles to detox the body of mercury and other heavy metals.
Reactive muscles  Learn how to balance reactive muscles to help ease pain, stress and trauma.
Candida  Learn how to neutralise candida poisons and free up the immune system.
Client sessions  Use skills and knowledge accumulated so far on clients in sample sessions.



Higher vibrational energy  Learn how to clear more energy blocks for deeper corrections.
More power  Discover the full extent of safety checks to access the body’s biofeedback.
Magnesium/mineral metabolism  Learn how to locate stress blocking the assimilation of minerals.
Accessing optimum support  Locate hidden trauma to support the body and reveal more about corrections required.
Hydration scan list correction  Identify deeper, faster hydration corrections.
Access sequence  Challenge pathways in the sequence they got out of balance.
Affirmations  Discover how to clear stress from affirmations.
Sabotage  Learn how to locate the emotional traumas behind self-sabotage.
Electrolyte correction  Discover how to use energy to balance electrolytes.
Session completion checks  Learn how to identify if there are sabotages blocking corrections.



Advanced formats  Discover how to check for dehydration caused by anaesthetics, vaccines and drugs.
Micro-organisms  Check energy changes caused by micro-organisms.
Hydration pathways  Learn how to correct brain messages to alleviate dehydration.
Follow the pathway to the cause  Understand how to trace a trauma to its cause and release it on a deep level.
Higher chakra balance  Check higher chakras for stresses that keep throwing out balance.
Light body correction  Identify and clear stresses from light bodies, or auras.
Light body safety checks  Learn how to balance and align light bodies.


Trauma  Learn about different types of trauma, and the muscles that are responsible for various flight responses that occur in the body as a result. Develop skills to muscle test for trauma, and master the release of the 10 TMJ muscles to balance the body. Learn the simple but highly effective TMJ Sticks test to access tension that is hidden, and understand how resetting can impact other organs and cells in your clients' body. Discover how to reset for flight, fight, freeze and survival trauma and clear stress that is held in the back fascia, an important communication network between different parts of the body.



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I believe you might be coming to Rockhampton to teach this kinergetics course. (Advised by Glenda Smyth). I am very interested in attending. Please let me know any details you have to offer.
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