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Kinergetics (Units 1-6)

Kinergetics is a short course offered over 12 consecutive days
Directed at the inexperienced learner to the advanced kinesiologist,
(This was my first course I ever learnt in kinesiology so I know how important it is to want to know it all straight away!)
The complete Kinergetics course consists of five sequential workshop units.

This platinum 12 day course commences runs only 3 times a year.

Kinergetics is an ACCREDITED kinesiology course recognised internationally and goes towards your yearly required CPE studies. (Continuing Professional Education)


Unit 1-6 Class Dates for 2019:

April 20-May 1

August 17-28

November 16-27


Dates for 2019:   April 20-21,      August 17-18,            November 16-17

Subject Content
Healing Energy We test to see if you have any blocks to healing energy and correct if necessary.
Muscle Testing The basics, everything you need to know.
Pre-tests Before we start we make sure we have permission, and the client is adequately hydrated.

Correction Positions

Used throughout Kinergetics.
Jaw Stacking This is how we add information, looks funny, but it works!
Finger Modes Speeds up the process by knowing if the correction will be an Organ, Gland or Chakra.
Fast Fix This is the main correction in Kinergetics. The client’s body tells us where to correct, how long to correct for, and when it’s corrected.
Stress Correction Basic Stress correction, changes your reaction to a Stress
Sensitivity Correction Basic sensitivity correction, changes your reaction to a sensitivity.
Self-Testing Balance yourself!
Electrolyte Correction Energetically balance your electrolytes.
Brain Integration Correction I have seen this instantly take someone out of overwhelm.
Hydration Scan List Correction It’s not how much water you drink, it’s how much you assimilate. Clear the stresses that block the assimilation of water. Dehydration causes pain!
Pain Correction Standard pain correction, can be used by itself but best used in combination with hydration and TMJ.
Pain TMJ (Masseter and Temporalis) The main correction used on 15 people in one hour to dramatically reduce pain from an average of 5.4 to less than 1. Balance the jaw, balance the body. Over 90% of the muscles in the body are affected by the muscles around the TMJ

Dates for 2019:   April  22-23,               August 19-20,            November 18-19

Subject Content
Emotions Find an emotion, age recess to find the original stress. Locate and balance connected links. Change your reaction to stress.
TMJ Suppression Find and balance suppressed stress in the jaw muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.
Sphenoid and Coccyx These are critical for structural integrity.
Hypertonic Muscles Releases tension from muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.
General Formatting Clears stresses in general.
Specific Formatting Search for stress in very specific areas of the body. (Eg. One practitioner made a long-lasting correction on his blood pressure and another cleared menopause symptoms on herself and her friends). This includes 34 pages of formats.
Vision Ten different vision balances. Some students receive long lasting vision improvements.

Dates for 2019:   April 24-25,             August 21-22,            November 20-21

Subject Content
Contraction and Extension Testing 16 Muscles in Contraction and Extension. 64 Photos, 32 professional muscle drawings.
Jammed Muscle Circuits Technically called over-facilitated. Ten times as important to correct as muscles that are ‘weak’. This is used in the Candida and Mercury balances.
Heavy Metals Test for Mercury. Strengthen the body so it can better handle heavy metals. Some great testimonials on the website.
Reactive Muscles muscles that independently test balanced, but when tested in sequence the reactive muscle unlocks.
Candida In the early 1990’s I worked on more than 1,000 clients with Candida. I used to test 45 major muscles and a vial of homeopathic Candida over the body. It was only after testing hundreds of clients that I realised there was a pattern. Everyone with Candida had emotional stress held in the Spleen meridian affecting either Middle Trapezius or Latissimus Dorsi.
Client Sessions How to work with clients. Hydration then TMJ. Sample sessions.

Dates for 2019:   April 26-27,             August  23-24,           November 22-23

Subject Content
Higher Vibrational Energy Clear more energy blocks. Corrections are now deeper.
More Power More Safety Checks – We now have more access to the client’s bio-computer.
Magnesium/Mineral Metabolism Locate stresses blocking assimilation of minerals.
Accessing Optimum Support Support the body to give you more information. Bring to the surface hidden stresses that the body did not have enough energy to deal with.
Hydration Scan List Correction Deeper, faster Hydration corrections.
Access Sequence Check possible blocks to healing. Add much more information before correcting.
Affirmations I worked on a lady who had been playing an affirmation tape overnight for three months – it still created stress. Repeating affirmations usually means repeating something you don’t actually believe, therefore it creates stress. Kinergetics clears stress from the affirmation. Scan list of over 250 affirmations, 17 categories.
Sabotage We create sabotages as protection. Consciously we may say “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” but subconsciously our brain wants everything to run smoothly with no big ups and downs. Find the emotional cause behind the sabotage.
Electrolyte Correction Energetically balances electrolytes.
Session Completion Checks Make sure there are no sabotages, etc blocking the corrections.
Scan Lists Includes lots of Scan Lists and corrections from other Units, so this becomes the main manual you now work with.

Dates for 2019:   April 28-29            August 25-26,            November 24-25

Subject Content
Advanced Formats Check dehydration caused by Anaesthetics, Vaccines, Drugs, etc.
Micro-organisms Check the energetic reaction to all sorts of nasties.
Hydration Pathways To dehydrate an area of the body the Hypothalamus sends messages to the Pituitary, then Adrenal Hormones. Brain Hydration Correction.
Follow the pathway to find the cause Check over 25,000 permutations from 8 pages of Brain Formats.
Higher Chakra Balance Check Higher Chakras for stresses that keep throwing out the physical structure.
Light Body Correction Formatting in the Light Bodies and Chakras. This is done on both days so you get lots of practice. This is so powerful it comes with its own Safety Checks so we don’t leave clients feeling ‘spaced out’.
Light Body Safety Checks

Great for Psychics, Energy Healers and Space Cadets!


Dates for 2019:   April 30-May 1,             August 27-28,           November 26-27

Subject Content
Traumas Finding and correcting traumas form specific areas of the body. Correcting the reaction to known traumas. Students consistently are able to bring almost any trauma down to 2/10.

If due to unforseen circumstances you are unable to attend classes after full payment is made, you may reschedule to the next available class only.

Each unit consists of 15 hours of tuition. Each unit is taught in the format of a two day workshop.

A comprehensive, clear and easy to follow manual is included in the price of each workshop unit.

Kinergetics is an ACCREDITED kinesiology course recognised internationally and goes towards your yearly required CPE studies. (Continuing Professional Education)


Do I get results? – yes, and generally within the first treatment

Does it cover every problem possible? – yes, by using muscle testing to find out which direction to go into. (Physical, emotional, spiritual, or nutritional) all aspects are covered thoroughly in THIS course.

Do I want you to learn it? Yes, it's simple, fast, effective, the corrections hold indefinitely, it gives you lifestyle, and a great income.

How can I make this possible for you? We teach smaller class sizes to ensure that you get the individualised time and attention to learn (at your own pace).

There is a maximum of 6 new students per instructor or qualified Kinergetics consultant.

Our teaching style is both interactive and experiential.

In total you will receive and give over 25 treatments during the course of the 10 days, great discount for healing work to be done on yourself.

What if I don't 'get it' all the first time? We offer an 80% discount if you choose to repeat any classes.

Are there any exams?

No not if you don't want to do them, there are however Assessments for International Accreditation if you choose to go down this path.

We offer support and guidance for those wanting to make a career in Kinesiology.

We recognise all modalities as valuable, (each class member brings their own unique qualities and experience to share in this supportive environment).

Kinergetics Units 1-6 offered altogether over 12 consecutive days

Refund Policy

A 10% deposit is required at time of booking to ensure your position.

Cancellations greater than 30 days from start of course will be eligible for a full refund minus 10% booking fee.

Cancellations less between 30 - 15 days from start of course will be eligible for a refund of 50% of course fees minus 10% booking fee – Or transfer to the next available course.

Cancellations less than 14 days from start of course will not be eligible for any financial refund. Transfer to next available course will be available.

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