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Jaw Reset (3 hours)
Energetically relaxing the jaw muscles brings increased energy flow into your jaw structure as well as the collagen fibres of your face (Jaw reset is secretly known as a face lift treatment). When tension is released from the face age lines and stress start to melt away.
All body systems including the gastro-intestinal tract. If you have had dental work, grind or clench your teeth you will be inhibiting your digestive tract to function at its optimal pace. This will effect all organs of nutrition and elimination.
Feeling foggy headed? Can’t get a clear thought? Unable to make decisions easily? Clearing the
‘junk’ between the ears is a soft and gentle approach enhanced by a reset.
Feeling overwhelmed? We all know that when mums are happy the whole world is a happier place to live in. Reset balances the hormones as well as emotions
Align your psyche, clear your aura and energy lines (also known as acupuncture point). Many of the acupuncture lines run through the jaw. Clearing these will also clear the associated organs, glands and emotions.
You are able to rattle heavy metals from locked in places, improve metabolism and release addictions.
In this Jaw Reset course, you have the opportunity to experience this powerful balance on yourself and then apply it to your friends, family or paying clients. It's gentle and easy, with no physical manipulation applied.

Duration: 3hrs
Cost: $100 or $16 to repeat
Workshop Dates for 2019:
March 29
May 31
July 31
September 27
November 29

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