Personal Life Planning

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Personal Life Plan Coaching

You are one of those amazing people that want to take charge of their future. A person that doesn't take no for an answer!

Lets dive deep into what it is you really want to discover for yourself, not just in one area of your life but EVERY area.

This course is unique in that it is designed as a "living journal" of your Life Plan. You will have ongoing access to review and reassess your progress, do regular SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis, add new goals and achievements as your plan unfolds

To get the most out of this Life Planning Process it will be best to DATE every entry, so you can see where you are going and equally celebrate your achivements.

In order to write your life plan there are a few simple things that need to be in order first:
Set aside a full day to be with yourself to get creative, be in the best possible frame of mind.
Decide what location you want to be to write your plan down
Take everything that you need in order to start and complete the process undisturbed. E.g. pens/paper/music/food/water. Leave behind guilt and electronic devices
Advise family/friends/other necessary acquaintances that you are unavailable for some time
Check in with your attitude, create a sense of anticipation, expectation, gratitude and openness



For those kinesiologist that never get enough, I have added my HOW TO: Kinesiology? formula to assist you to clear your sabotges or negative belief patterns around any area of your Personal Life Planning. This is not compulsory, now will it matter if you don't even look at it. It's simply put in here so I can provide you with a complete package if you chose to use it.





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