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As a kinesiologist we are so fortunate to be able to address the cause of allergies or physical reactions a person has to a substance. It is for this reason that when a client comes to us saying that they have an allergic reaction to anything that we must very quickly define our areas of expertise.

As a kinesiologist we are unable to diagnose, kinesiology is the skill of muscle testing to see where your body has an energetic imbalance. For example you may have an energitic imbalance to the word gluten, and it may muscle test up as effecting you in the digestive, mental and emotional areas of your life on an energy level'. Once a client understands this it is very easy to proceed as normal.
Of course for any severe reactions it is always advisable to send them to a hospital or medical specialist. Although it is desirable to have a first aid certificate I would not like to hear of anyone needing to use it. Lets keep that for the other professions.

Within this course you will learn:
The differences between physical, mental, emotional,spiritual and nutritional responces to allergies and how kinesiology can adress them (on an energy level only of course)
An overview of the different types of allergies: food, airborne, insect stings and contact allergens


We will also delve into the many types of:

Raw food: fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, eggs and nuts
Scan lists for the many types of dairy, meat and seafood and how they are cooked and preserved
Pantry food including food colouring, additives, preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers and flavour enhancers
Sugar and all it's other not so well know names
Artificial sweeteners and their toxicity
Drinks, alcohol and beverages
Personal health care for mum, dad and baby
Indoor and outdoor products including cleaning products, insecticides, pestacides and herbacides
Outdoor / indoor pests and animal allergens including mites, faeces, lice and decomposing bodies
Outdorr pollens, fertalisers and manures
Drugs and vacines including an estensive list of recreational drugs and their street names, how they are consumed, potency and purity

Bonus Material

Coeliac brochure
Milk brochure
Nut allergy brochure
Salicylate brochure





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