Physical Pain and Fitness

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Physical Pain and Fitness

Physical fitness is pivitol in good health.
As a kinesiologist it is important to have a good knowledge of anatomy & physiology. Also just as improtant is the 'walk the tallk'. You will attract so many more clients if you have a radient glow of health and vitality. It is for this reason that this course is a compelation of many modalities ranging from personal training, fitness and general anatomical health of the organ, glands, and muscles


This course addresses:


Look for a healthy attitude with your weight loss: having more energy, dealing with health problems, dealing with daily stresses more effectively, or wanting to live longer to be around for your kids.


All movement is good movement. When you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle with organised workouts both indoor and outdoor you will be more likely to reach your goals. Aim to make movement a lifestyle.


Consider for a moment the experience of eating a food is in the first bite. Savour the mouthful, swish it around in your mouth, chew for longer, give thanks for what you are fortunate to eat. Every mouthfull after that is the habbit of eating and doesn’t wake up the taste buds as much as the first.
o Choose healthy life giving food
o Write a food diary or take a photo of your food (that way the true protion size is noted.
o Be ‘present’ when you are preparing the meals. Put love into them as you cook.
o Read labels, become more ethical, know where and how your food is sold or packaged.
o Its easier to be 100% committed than it is to be 99%. If we go for 99% our brain is always looking for when we can have that sneaky cheat meal.
o Always have a backup plan for when you go out or get hungry.


If you want a healthy life, you have to be willing to change how you live. It doesn't mean changing everything overnight, but simply being open to new ways of doing things. Some of the things you might need to change for a healthy lifestyle are:
o Daily Routines: make time, prepare healthy meals, do regular movement.
o Limits: sitting time, or sedentary time.
o Pantry: resist bringing ‘junk’ food into the house. Have a backup plan for healthy treats.
o Schedule: Take responsibilities for your work, rest and play. Learn to say no to what
wont serve your healthy lifestyle.


Where possible create an environment that supports healthy choices. In a work or social environment reherse your response when being tempted by unhealthy food.

Support Tribe

Surround yourself with a tribe that supports your efforts. Avoid spending time (if possible) with those that don’t support your beliefs. A workout buddy is also an excellent idea for support.

Spiritual and Mental Health

Food has always been know as a comfort and bordom relief. Seek out a natural therapist that specialises in eating disorders and self destructive behaviour.


Set many small goals to allow you to feel like you are constantly achieving. Depending on your genetics, eating habits, exercise, and aim for realistic and achievable goals.


Always prepared for changes to happen, keep some workout shoes in the car so you can stop off at the park for a quick walk. Keep some food handy so if you get stuck in traffic, you get a snack in before your workout. When life interfers with your planned workout session, choose to do a little bit rather than nothing. Something is always better than nothing.

Willingness to Fail

Not every day is going to be a ‘perfect’ day, be prepared to fall off the wagon ocassionally. This is where your support tribe is necessary to give you the necessry encouragment to pick youself up and to get going again. It matters more about consistency than being spasmodic in your health.



This online course includes the following bonus materials:
Client Evaluation
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Formula
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Emotional Scan List
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Mental Scan List
HOW TO: Kinesiology? Vertebrae
Reflexology Tongue
Reflexology Hands
Reflexology Feet & Hands
Reflexology Face
Reflexology Ear
Cranial Receptors
Spiritual Chart





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