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Face reading has been by far, my very favourite tool to use in the clinic to get to know someone fast.

When you know how to read the silent messages behind what is not said, it can be very beneficial for you and the client. For example I would say to someone that presents with little or no colour on their top lip I would start by saying ìI can see you have been hurt with your emotions and you would prefer to keep to the facts because they donít change. How about I talk and if Iím wrong, or you would like to add to something, youíre free to do so at any time.

Or if someone presented with eyes that are deep set, I would say something like ìIím going to chat, I donít need an immediate answer from you it is ok to think about it over the next couple of hours or days.  These people can't make decisions quickly because they are reflective by nature.

Compared with people whose eyes are more bulgy - they have to talk to come to a solution. Knowing these few facial traits along the T section, (mouth, nose, eyes and forehead) is a huge benefit in, getting to know someone, as well as being able to recognize your own difficulties and strengths that lie within your many traits.

So, for those of us with a forward bulging forehead (people who need the detail) letís begin (before the others with a fast sloping back forehead loose interest and move on!) Personality profile.

Please be aware of several points to consider before we start, there are 3 categories to each feature:

Yes, thatís me = very appropriate

I'm a bit of both traits = neutral

No, thatís not my trait = Not at All

Body traits will change depending on the company you are with, for example: if I had full flared nostrils, it would indicate that you're happy to make decisions on your own and generally wouldn't need to seek approval, but if I was with an indigenous person (whose nostrils are more flared) they would become the more confident decision maker, making me the one more likely to be seeking approval in this situation.

Once we understand the fact that our tendencies change depending on whom we are with, then this leads onto a family and work dynamics. When you are learning where you fit into the family dynamics, it is always advisable to have photos or talk it out.

When we are understanding of anotherís personality traits, we can best find how the dynamics of the situation change and adapt appropriately without being defensive or taking things personally. One personal strength can greatly influence (to the better) an outcome when working together.


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