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4 Learning Enhancement

4  learning enhancement
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This book is aimed at people of all ages and walks of life still having trouble reaching and maintaining skills. You have permission to learn, retain and recall all you choose to learn.

Letting go of learning difficulties, clear any limiting beliefs, correcting poor co-ordination skills as well as developmental reflexes are all expressed in this book.

Often poor memory retention and the inability to be able to process information may come from early school days due to classroom or playground activities. 

Included in this book are ways to identify your most favoured style of learning via the 7 keys to intelligence, as well as exercises to allow you to lock in and integrate your unique learning style.

Brain integration is all about when we know better we will do better, when the emotions are high, intelligence is low.

Clearing classroom and social problems from the scan lists in the 5 categories of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Nutritional allows for a complete learning package.

This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended.

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