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6 Abundance and Business Management

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What makes you stressed about moving forward with your business goals? Clear the known and unknown blocks stopping you from having a thriving business!

By using Ranee Zeller's tried and true method of identifying and clearing specific issues with kinesiology, step into abundance and achieve your dream.

This book includes tools for attracting customers and creating a business that is authentic to you. While aimed at therapists, it is valuable for all people wanting to improve their business.

This book is designed to complement the first book of the How To: Kinesiology? series. The first book, Book One: Formula, provides the step by step instructions on the method Ranee Zeller uses in her clinic and workshops to receive results with her clients. Her methodology is based on the kinesiology technique of energetic muscle testing, which allows users to quickly identify information and take action as indicated. Muscle testing relies on asking the right questions and having a clear indicator muscle. Book One: Formula goes into more details. Remember, let go of fear and trying to control the outcome of what you are testing. I wish you healing and success!

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