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online treatment

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Online Treatment is an mp3 audio program.

Before you commence, you will need to spend time being very concise on each step.

Take your time; write the steps down clearly and consciously so you can glance at them during your treatment when I prompt you to. You will need to pause this audio while you do these 3 steps.


Write down the issues exactly as they are right now. What is bad, what is it you don't have and neeeed, what pain you have, the sadness or grief that you are carrying, the overall experiences you are feeling.

This is a very important step. In order to change, you need to be totally honest with yourself.

Let me give you an example: I DON'T have a home to live in; I will be out on the streets next Friday if I don't find somewhere very quickly to live. I will have nowhere for myself or my animals to live. I can't afford storage, and I don't want to be a burden on anyone.


What is your goal?

Back to the example, my goal is to find a house that feels like a home that fulfils all my security needs and where I'm able to relax and entertain. Remember... The more detail you can put into this goal the better the outcome.

You will always get what you ask for, so remember if you ask for nothing you will also get nothing in return.


How will you know when you get there?

Back to the example: I will know I will have achieved my goal of getting a home when I sign the contract, or maybe its when you get to have your first sleep in the new home or maybe it's when there is a house warming party.

Again it's extremely important to be very clear on your success identity.

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