This could be my typical kinesiology client today.
Me: Hi, what would you like me to work on today?
Her: Oh I’m not sure, my life is out of control, nothing is going to plan...
Me: Ok then, not to much to do then 💐 (cause kinesiology miracles can happen in 1 hour, less 7.5 minutes to meet & greet and 3.75 minutes to pay the bill and leave)
Her: (laughter) I should probably have come in earlier I know, but I’m always too busy with home life. But NO IT’S TIME FOR ME NOW!! (Insert desperate tones) 🥀
Me: Thinking inside my head.... great, she’s ready for change, she can see what she has done isn’t working and she’s ready to make time for herself.
Me: outside my head.... so finally it’s time for you... good eye contact because you can see this is a lady that doesn’t get heard very often and she matters to a whole load of people.
Me: Ok I know exactly what to do, I’m going to firstly check that you:
ARE PHYSICALLY WELL (AKA exhaustion - work on her adrenals, and other body systems - BOOK 7)
HAVE MENTAL ENDURANCE - beliefs she has about her own self worth, CHECK sabotages and payoffs she has that keeps her stuck in a worn out paradigm. HOW TO: Kinesiology? book 1 Formula.
HAS EMOTIONAL STABILITY- after all the buck ends with the mums, not usually, but always. Gotta just love the way a mum can hold their loved ones close and it’s as if they have an invisible cloak that they put over people to wash away a child’s sadness or a daddy’s fears. But when is it her time? No, she’s not allowed to that’s called nagging or ‘hormonal’ Go figure??. (HOW TO: KINESIOLOGY? Book  4 Learning Enhancement)
SPIRITUAL STRENGTH - repeat after me God give me strength to change the thing I can, insight to know when to talk and when to say nothing. (HOW TO: Kinesiology? Book 8 Spiritual Enhancement)
NUTRITIONAL HEALTH - I’m going to check firstly that she has a balanced attitude to her health, of course we are all going to fall off the wagon and I’m not here to tell you how and what to eat. I can however muscle test for food intolerance and I can guide you back to a stronger fitter body...

I’d also look at the families love language dynamics so she can support / be more direct in her communication because we all know each person’s needs are very different.
Her: omgosh, why didn’t I come earlier?
Her: I should bring my son, my daughter, my uncle, my Aunty, my partner to you
Me: NOOOOOO today we are ONLY looking after you
Her: laughter
Me: Do you realise that this is the same comment made to me every single day I’m in my clinic?
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